1st month back in Sweden

It’s been quite some time since my last blog post and I apologize for that! I’ve been creazy busy ever since I got back to Sweden, but now I got a free second! πŸ™‚

Once I came back to Sweden, my second year in my two years master programm at university started right away. It wasn’t a soft start, on the contrary, we started digging right into it with assignments due the very same week and basically ever since, my schedule outside of hockey has been reading and studying for university.

Hockey wise, I could not have wished for a better time. I was originally going to a tournament with the nationalteam in France in mid-august. Once that was clear that I won’t be able to make it due to my knee rehab, my new goal was to be ready for the start of the season here in Sweden which was on September 8th. I knew that it was a very ambitious goal to be ready by then, but I absolutely did not want to miss the beginning of the season.

The first week in Sweden, I went on the ice but just with my skates on, no equipment. I did lots of different skating drills and a lot of 30′:30′ intervalls. So far in my rehab, everytime I had additional weights on me, my knee wasn’t good. So that’s why I went on with just skates, it seemed my knee wasn’t ready for the additional weight of my equipment. Additionally to the on-ice sessions, I trained twice a day in the gym. I mostly did conditioning and my rehab exercises in the morning and then in the evening I would do weights and lots of core before going on the ice.

The second week was the same, except for instead of going on the ice with just skates, I was put on my full equipment. It felt like the right thing to do, after the previous week went so well. Unfortunately, that did not go as planned and I went off the after 10 minutes of skating. My off-ice programm stayed the same, it was very intense but it was much needed. So after going off Β the ice, I rested the next day from the ice, and tried again 2 days later. This time with more success and I was able to skate a lot more and yet again do some 30′:30′ intervalls on the ice with full equipment.

The 3rd week and that was the week of the season opener, I decided to stand in net and do full ice practices with the team. Like I wrote before, I really did not want to miss the season opener! πŸ™‚ We had a total of 3 on-ice practices before the first game and I went full out in 2 of them. It felt great, my knee was doing well, I was highly motivated and ready to play! Although it was game week, I could not decrease the amount of off-ice training, as this was still so important for my fitness and my knee for my rehab. It was super though, very tiring but I managed.

The first game was against Lulea and we unfortunately lost the game 3-2. I felt alright, but knew that this wasn’t my best game I have ever played. There was still lots to improve on in every aspect of my game and then especially my confidence as well. After the first game, we had a day off before we had the second game againd Djurgarden where we won 3-2 after shootouts. That game was way better for me, I felt more confident in all the movements and saves that I made.

The fourth week was pretty much the same than the 3rd week. Incredibly intense on the off-ice and lots of on-ice practices before we made the trip up to Lulea for two away games. The first game of the two we won with 3-2 after shootout, it was my best game so far. I felt good, my legs felt explosive, I was more confident and was able to make quicker decisions on plays. The second game, less than 12 hours later, we won again with 3-2, this time in regular time though. πŸ™‚

Now this week, because of such high off-ice intensity the four previous weeks, I had a recovery week. Instead of 2 off-ice trainings a day, I would only have one a day but a 3-game week. It was a perfect timing as my body felt tired after such an intensive 4 weeks and 4 games.

On Wednesday we played another game against Djurgarden and we won this one with 3-2 as well (i knowwww, always 3-2!!!).

This weekend, we play two homegames! Today against Leksand and tomorrow against BrynΓ€s! Keep your fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

xo Florence


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  1. Congratulations on a successful rehab. Glad to see your hard work has paid off! Best wishes for a healthy season. xo Gary

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