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As the pool in the academy was not filled with water, we were able to have 2 beach days, so today we were off to the beach again! After a couple of hours at the beach, we went back to the campus for a Track and Field Meeting where we would have 1.2km run, 60m sprints, tennisball throw and long jump. As I unfortunately still could not do any more sports, I… Read More

Efficiency definately pays off at all times! 🙂 The day started like every day with sports activities in the morning where I did my rehab programm, followed by breakfast and a lecture by Prof. Dr Nikolay L. Peshin from Russia who talked about Power and Governance in Sport. After the lecture, we were supposed to go back into our discussion groups and continue discussing our topics, but because we were so efficient… Read More

After a long day yesterday, we were able to sleep 30 min longer today, and I promise, these 30 minutes were amazing!  We went on to have the same morning routine like every day, except for that I had to have a presentation about my Olympic Experience. Here my speech: My Olympic Experience: Florence Schelling As far as I can remember, participating at the Olympic Games has always been my dream. Growing… Read More

After a wonderful beach day and, today we are back to our regular routine here at the International Olympic Academy. At 7:10 we were woken up by the music again (I will definitely miss that when going home again!) and we had our first lecture at 8:30am. The morning was filled with lectures and discussions. The first lecturer was Dr. Sam Ramsamy from South Africa and he talked about the Politics and… Read More

Perfectly blue sky, 30+ degrees Celsius, a Saturday! The perfect day for a beach! At 10 am we all went on the bus to go towards a beach that was 45 min away, where we spent pretty much all day. It was great to get away from the lecture hall and the campus for a bit and just have fun and relax in the sun and the water. Once we came back,… Read More

5 am was wake-up time today… Very very very early but it was totally worth it! At 5:30am we left to go walk up a hill that was close by the campus. It took us approximately 30 minutes to reach the top. The sunrise was quite slow this morning, but it was a great way to start the day. After we came back to the campus, we had breakfast and started with… Read More

The day started pretty much exactly the same than the previous two days with a wake up at 7:10 by the music. I started doing my rehab exercises and a quick core workout in the morning right after wakeup, as I would otherwise get stressed during the day to squeeze it in somewhere and then I would enjoy a quick breakfast before the first lecture of the day. The first lecture started… Read More

7:10 am, the music starts again and the participants of the IOA session are slowly coming out of their rooms for morning sport and breakfast. It is going to be another very busy day! First thing we did, was walking to the archaeological site of ancient Olympia, which is a 15 minute walk from our village. We received a guided tour and learned a lot about the first Olympic Games that took… Read More

So the sessions begin! The first night at the International Olympic Academy history and we were woken up around 7:10 am by the sound of the Olympic Anthem and many other Greek composers through loudspeakers that are spread around the IOA premises. Very special and beautiful way to be woken up! After a quick breakfast, we had our first meeting in the lecture hall at 8:30am where all the guests, lecturers, coordinators… Read More

Monday was our travel day to Olympia with a detour to Delphi. Wakeup was around 7am and we were to leave on 5 different buses at 8am. With so many people as we are here, punctuality is a big challenge so we already lost quite some time by leaving way too late. We drove for approximately 4 hours to Delphi, where we had lunch and then went to look at the archeological… Read More