Olympic Day

5 am was wake-up time today… Very very very early but it was totally worth it! At 5:30am we left to go walk up a hill that was close by the campus. It took us approximately 30 minutes to reach the top. The sunrise was quite slow this morning, but it was a great way to start the day.


After we came back to the campus, we had breakfast and started with a long morning of lectures. We had 2 lecturers and then every discussion group had to present their work from this week in an approximately 10min presentation.


The afternoon was rather relaxed and I had some time to put my bikini on and sit outside for a bit. We had one more lecture which was good but everyone seemed tired from a busy week and the heat here.

The most fun part was after though, after all it is Olympic Day! We participated at the Olympic Run, which is 5km run. Because of my knee injury, I just walked, but it was still a lot of fun! The temperature here is 32 degrees celcius, so walking was already though!

Since tomorrow we have a beach day, it was time to go out and have some drinks and enjoy the night with all the new friends that I made.




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