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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Sunday was the first official day and it was great to see everybody and meet so many more people from so many different countries. Unfortunately, the way Saturday night ended, was pretty much how it started again. It was raining really bad… and our plan to go see the Acropolis and the Panathenaic stadium had to be cancelled. Instead we did a bus tour through Athens and went to the Acropolis Museum…. Read More

Hi everyone, So I am currently in Athens with the International Olympic Academy (IOA) at the 57th International Session for Young Participants. A lot of people have asked me what that is and what I am doing there, so here comes the answer. 🙂 What is the IOA? The IOA is the main international educational and cultural organization that aimes to promote the Olympic Spirit and develops the Olympic Education. Every National… Read More

OMG what a beautiful and extraordinary country! Never have I thought about Iceland so much in my travel destinations, but living in Sweden right now, Iceland is so close that it definitely became a travel goal. A goal that I was able to finally realize! The schedule was pretty busy during the 4 (!!!) days that we were there, it seemed like almost every step that we did was planned out, so… Read More