IIHF Goalie Development Camp

Looks like hockey season is just around the corner! Put my skates back on for the first time since April and my surgery. Got to love to walk into a cold rink and being able to go on the ice again. 

I’m currently in Granada in Spain as a Goalie Mentor for the IIHF Goalie Development Camp. I’ve been here since Sunday and have been so busy, crazy! 

Sunday started off with a wonderful IIHF staff dinner with a view on the Alhambras, so pretty! The hard work started on Monday when we’ve been having meetings from morning till evening about the on-ice program and schedule and all logistics. In the evening, the goalie coaches arrived and we had a first quick meeting with them. 

On Tuesday we went on the ice for 2 hours to go over the basic movements and discuss everything with the coaches! After the ice session we sat down with all the coaches for a debrief of what has been talked about on the ice. 

The afternoon and evening was filled with meetings where we would help the coaches come up with drills for practices, based on the focus of each practice. The focuses of the 6 ice sessions was predefined by us mentors. 

Wednesday started off exactly the same, meetings and ice sessions and the afternoon was filled with meetings to get to the final touches before the atheles arrive in the evening! 

At 6pm, all athletes were here and we had a opening ceremony where we would go over all logistical stuff and also a pannel discussion with Zuzana, Bri and me with some very interesting questions. 

Following the opening ceremony, we went to have dinner and a short sightseeing tour trough Granada before we came back to the rink for a camp group picture. 

With all that being done, it’s finally go time at the first IIHF Goalie Development Camp! 



Some Fun in Spain

Greetings from Spain everyone!

As you might have seen it on my social media channels, I am out travelling again. This time I went to Málaga in Spain with my friend Zuzana.

I met Zuzana last year at the IIHF High Performance Camp in Vierumäki in Finland and we became instant best friends. Although we have only met last year, we’ve known each other for a very long time. As it turns out, Zuzana used to be the goalie of the Slavakian national team and we have played against each other many times at World Championships or even at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. I always enjoyed playing against her, so I guess it came as no surprise that when we actually met, that we hit it off right away.

Once we met, we figured out that we have so much in common like the fact that we played our first collegiate game against each other, the same playing style, same career path and so forth.

So this year, the reason why we are in Spain is that we got asked by the IIHF to be goalie mentors at the first IIHF Goalie Development Camp in Granada in Spain. Since we haven’t seen each other since last year, we decided to take this opportunity and travel to Spain a couple days before to catch up and enjoy the beach.

We spent 4 wonderful days in Málaga, lots of beach time and tanning but also lots of delicious seafood and all. Although we ended up being sad that we were only there for 4 days, we are now really looking forward to the IIHF Goalie Development Camp and our roles that we are going to take on.

Stay tuned for more!



Knee Rehab

Hi everyone!

After two wonderful weeks in Greece at the IOA session, reality hit hard pretty much the day after I came back to Switzerland. 🙂

Although I was doing my rehab and some training while in Greece, the intensity of the training was not that high. So when I came back, I had to get back into my routines of physiotherapy, rehab and training. Together with my physio and conditioning coach, we created a programm for the 1.5 weeks I am at home before taking on my next trip abroad.

Every day I went on the bike for one hour at a heartrate of approximately 130, which is in the fat burning range. Additionally, I would alternate with weight training. One day I would do legs, one day I would do upperbody. Since my knee is not 100% ready yet, the leg workout was a combination between weights and some simple running exercises. Further, I would have 3 bike intervall sessions a week and massages, acupuncture and cupping.

I would usually wrap up my workout day with lots of stretching and foam rolling while watching TV or talking to my friends.

It was a very intensive 1.5 week where I was able to progress quite a bit and I am looking forward to the next step in my rehab and training, but first I’ll travel some more.

I am currently sitting at the airport, waiting for my next adventure to start. 🙂

Stay tuned as I will try my best to post as much as possible again!



Bye International Olympic Academy

Two fantastic weeks are coming to an end and with it a lot of mixed feelings…

It has been an unforgettable 2 weeks and although I am happy to go home, I will miss everything and everyone that I had met in Athens and in Olympia. I’ve learned a lot, academically, personally and culturally.

I’ve had the time of my life and wish for everyone that they can experience something like I got to experience the past 2 weeks!

In that way, I want to thank the International Olympic Academy and Swiss Olympic for giving me this opportunity to develop myself while meeting so many incredible people.

Thank you to everyone who made this stay so special, I will never forget anyone of you!



Athens; 44 Degrees

After a very short night, everyone was packing up their stuff and got onto 1 of the 5 busses that would drive us back to Athens.

It was approxiamtely a 4 hour bus ride, rather quiet, as everyone tried to catch up on some sleep. Once we got to Athens, we had lunch and checked in to the hotel and pretty much went right up to the rooftop pool that the Metropolitan Hotel had.

It was an incredible 44 degrees celcius out and there was no place I would have wanted to be but that pool to cool off. I wanted to go see the Akropolis (as we did not go see it the first day due to rain), but unfortunately it was closed again due to the heat. Even though I did not end up going to the Akropolis, we had a pretty good view of it from the rooftop pool, which ended up being good enough for me. 🙂

People already started leaving from the time we came back to Athens, luckily I had another night there before heading home to Switzerland the next day. My new friends and I made our way to the bar, the same bar we went to the first night of this entire two weeks trip. It was going to be a very special night!

It’s difficult to put into words what kind of friendships that has been established during these two weeks, and even though we said that we are going to organize a reunion, you actually never know if you ever see them ever again. It felt like counting hours until after one after the other left to the airport, painful hours.


Starting at 2am, our crew got smaller and smaller as that’s when the Andrew from Aruba left… Next one was Indrek from Estonia, follwed by Ugne and Ernestas from Lithuania. Marsel from Albania, Nicholas from Norway and Severin and me left to the airport at the same time. Saying bye was difficult, so there were tons of hugs and much tear sheding.

It was a beautiful night with wonderful people.



Closing Ceremony

That’s it! It’s the last day of the International Olympic Academy. 🙁

Before the Closing Ceremony started, all discussion groups presented their conclusions of the second cycle of discussions. All discussion groups came up with some very interesting questions and it was very interesting to hear what they have been discussing.


After every group had presented, the presentation of the participant’s diplomas took place, thus the closing ceremony started. Every participant was called upon their country and name to go to the stage to accept the diploma and a little present from the city of Olympia.

The Closing Ceremony continued by speeches on behalf of the participants, group coordinators, lecturers and the President of the International Olympic Academy, Mr. Michael Fysentzidis. The Closing Ceremony was over after the Olympic Anthem and lots of applause from everyone.

The afternoon was off and most of us headed to the pool at a hotel in downtown Olympia again. It was a beautiful afternoon, so much fun and laughing. The atmosphere was great, although everyone knew that these are the last couple of hours / days before everyone is heading home again. It was our last day in Olympia before heading back to Athens.

In the evening, we had our last social night where 18 nations presented their country to everyone. This social evening was filled with dances, quizzes, singing, laughing and just so much fun. I really enjoyed every single one of these evenings, as it brings the presenters culture closer to you in a fun atmosphere.

After all the presentations, the crew headed to the bar (Zorbas) again for one last time for another short night filled with dancing to all kind of songs but mostly Despasito (was played approximately 10 times a night)!