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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Looks like hockey season is just around the corner! Put my skates back on for the first time since April and my surgery. Got to love to walk into a cold rink and being able to go on the ice again.  I’m currently in Granada in Spain as a Goalie Mentor for the IIHF Goalie Development Camp. I’ve been here since Sunday and have been so busy, crazy!  Sunday started off with… Read More

Greetings from Spain everyone! As you might have seen it on my social media channels, I am out travelling again. This time I went to Málaga in Spain with my friend Zuzana. I met Zuzana last year at the IIHF High Performance Camp in Vierumäki in Finland and we became instant best friends. Although we have only met last year, we’ve known each other for a very long time. As it turns… Read More

Hi everyone! After two wonderful weeks in Greece at the IOA session, reality hit hard pretty much the day after I came back to Switzerland. 🙂 Although I was doing my rehab and some training while in Greece, the intensity of the training was not that high. So when I came back, I had to get back into my routines of physiotherapy, rehab and training. Together with my physio and conditioning coach,… Read More

Two fantastic weeks are coming to an end and with it a lot of mixed feelings… It has been an unforgettable 2 weeks and although I am happy to go home, I will miss everything and everyone that I had met in Athens and in Olympia. I’ve learned a lot, academically, personally and culturally. I’ve had the time of my life and wish for everyone that they can experience something like I… Read More

After a very short night, everyone was packing up their stuff and got onto 1 of the 5 busses that would drive us back to Athens. It was approxiamtely a 4 hour bus ride, rather quiet, as everyone tried to catch up on some sleep. Once we got to Athens, we had lunch and checked in to the hotel and pretty much went right up to the rooftop pool that the Metropolitan… Read More

That’s it! It’s the last day of the International Olympic Academy. 🙁 Before the Closing Ceremony started, all discussion groups presented their conclusions of the second cycle of discussions. All discussion groups came up with some very interesting questions and it was very interesting to hear what they have been discussing. After every group had presented, the presentation of the participant’s diplomas took place, thus the closing ceremony started. Every participant was… Read More