The LEG Hangover Cure

Hello readers, Yesterday I wrote about how I balance university and international game and I wrote about the 9 hours of sleep I get every night in order to feel rested and good for my practices and games. Obviously, I don’t always get those 9 hours and sometimes the physical exhaustion is too high to … Continue reading The LEG Hangover Cure

Balancing University and International Game

Hi everyone, This is a long overdue post that I’ve been procrastinating to write because it’s a very difficult blog to write. I would still like to give it a try and share with you my little secrets on how I balance university and international game. You can also apply these when working, as I … Continue reading Balancing University and International Game

Switzerland – Korea: Time Change

Hi everyone, We’re leaving for Korea on Thursday, February 1st, 2018. The time change from Switzerland to Korea is + 8 hours. Since I would consider myself very well-travelled, I know myself and my body quite good and a time change of +8 hours is no piece of cake for me. I knew I had … Continue reading Switzerland – Korea: Time Change


Hi everyone, Stay tuned on this page as I will be trying to post a daily blog about the Olympic experience in Pyeongchang! Xo Florence

Performance Self-Evaluation

In my last blog, I wrote how I divide the season into multiple different phases. This blog is about the self-evaluation I do on all my games during these phases. I do this self-evaluation to analyze my game and make myself better by learning from each and every game and my performances. Unfortunately, I don't … Continue reading Performance Self-Evaluation

Final Stretch of the Season

It's 32 days to go until Pyeongchang 2018 and almost 2 months until the beginning of the playoffs in Sweden. Over the years, an entire season has become very overwhelming for me, daily practices and so many games during the week and weekends. The travelling that comes with all the away games, the travelling to … Continue reading Final Stretch of the Season