S I L V E R – S E A S O N

Hi everyone,

As promised earlier, here’s my entire season recap. I think this will be a short one, as I did a Regular Season Wrap-Up, Quarter-Final Wrap Up, Semi-Final Wrap Up, and a Championship Final post.

Some time has gone by now and I was able to process the entire season and especially the loss in the final to Lulea. Overall, I can be extremely proud of my entire season. I don’t many were counting on me on coming back that strong from such an MCL/ACL injury like I had last year. Did I count on such a comeback? Yes and no.

Throughout the entire season, I was wrestling with my positive and negative thoughts. It was especially difficult in August when I started working out 100% again and then later started with on-ice practices. To be able to get back into the “hockey-shape” is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done and many times, I was wondering if it’ll be worth it and if all that sweat and tears would be worth it. Gladly, after surviving the 1st month and then a 2nd month, I was determined that I will make this season one to remember. Either for the national team, Linköping or for me.

If I can make it through these first months of hell, then I can pull through with it the entire season and be the best I want and needed to be. Of course there were times where I was doubting my ability and times where I wasn’t able to be the best I needed to be. As last season, this season didn’t come without little injuries that were minor setbacks. The first injury occurred in September when I got a “skithumb”, that I was carrying with me all season… Further, after national team tournament in Germany in January, I tore my left groin and was unable to play for 3 games. That’s when I decided to go back home to Switzerland to do rehab in order to not jeopardize my participation at the Olympics. After that, all went pretty smooth until 10 minutes left in this year’s season, when during a safe, I pulled my hamstring. Like I said, no major injuries, but still small setbacks that make it harder to stay motivated.

I can be very proud of my achievements this season. I think my performance exceeded my expectations and I was even able to step it up a notch for the playoffs. I was statistically the best goalie during the regular season, also during the playoffs and earnedthe “Best Goalkeeper of the Season” Award in my league, a great recognition for all the hard work I put in.

Although we did not win the gold helmet, I consider myself lucky to even have gotten to the final and made it to the third and final game. After the first quarterfinal game against AIK, it certainly did not look like we would make it all the way to the final. In the final, Lulea was just the better team and they deserved to win that championship. Congratulations to them!

It feels like it was a very short season, so good thing we went over 3 games in all the playoff rounds, had to make the best of the time, right? 😊

Anyways, with the season over now, I was hoping to get some time to breath and enjoy myself, but unfortunately I have quite a few commitments at university that won’t allow me to take any time off. So until mid-June, when I graduate, I’ll be swamped with university work. But then, then I’ll take a nice vacation and I’m really looking forward to that.

I hope you all have a fantastic spring!



Championship Final

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great week with Easter break, got to enjoy your family and eat lots of Easter eggs!

I’ve had another crazy week with the play-off final week and the Stanford Students from my university project on a visit in Linköping during that time. The Stanford Students flew in Sunday, so after our last semi-final game on Sunday, we met up with them and went for a quick dinner before going home to recover and prepare for “hell week”.

Monday morning, the entire project group (4 Linköping students, 3 Stanford Students and 3 Teachers) went for a company visit to Saab. It was a few very interesting hours, where we got to hear lots about Saab’s background but then also were able to fly in a fighter jet simulator and look at an original fighter jet and so on. Lots of new information, lots to process. In the afternoon, we were scheduled to visit the Linköping aviation museum, but unfortunately, that was closed that afternoon and instead we went back to our office to work. It was a long day, very intensive, so I was actually happy that we had the evening off from practice.

All day Tuesday, the project group and myself were in Stockholm for some sightseeing and team bonding. We split up in two groups and did a scavenger hunt through Stockholm. With very tired legs, I went to practice in the evening, which was to no surprise a terrible practice. After practice, I went home and took a cold bath, which worked wonders!

Wednesday morning, I spent the entire morning at university with the project group working and around noon, I went home to get ready for the game. I had a good lunch and then a two hour nap from 2 – 4 pm, basically right up to when we left for the game.

Game #1, was a crazy game. Fun to have a home game during the week again, after having away games the last 3 weeks during the week. The warm-up was terrible, but I’m actually not worried about that anymore. I’m so experienced, that even if I had a bad warm-up, I can bounce for the game. So actually, once the game started, I felt great in net, barely left any rebounds and if I did, they were controlled ones. I was confident and really thought we could win this game 1. Unfortunately, Lulea’s goalie had an incredible game and we did not manage to score during the entire game, even though we were the better team. With one minute left in the game and a score of 0:0, Lulea managed to score of a face off with a screen in front of me. Game one went to Lulea even though we were the better team. I was disappointed, but not really at the same time. We played so well, I figured we would just do it in 3 games again.

Thursday morning we had practice and then headed to Stockholm Arlanda airport to take the plane to Lulea. It was a rather relaxing day although we were busy from morning till evening when we finally got to the hotel.

Friday morning, gameday #2. We slept in until 9am and had a bigger breakfast at the Scandic hotel before we went for a 30-minute team walk in the area. Right after the walk, we went back to our room and put our legs up against the wall for 20 minutes and then took a 30-minute nap before we had a light lunch. Right after lunch, I went to take another 1-hour nap before heading to the rink at 2pm. What a game again, pretty identical than the game on Wednesday, except the other way around. I had a pretty brutal warm-up again and then felt great again for the game. Even better puck control and less rebounds than on Wednesday. The other way around, because this time, Lulea was so much better than us this time. But we ended up winning the game with a goal with less than 1 minute before the end of the game.

With that, we were to play the championship game on Saturday at 4pm.

The entire morning on Saturday was exactly the same than on Friday. I had such a good feeling, I was ready for that championship game. Ready to go out and play and win that final. It all came out differently, we did not play well at all, including me. Actually, I played terrible. So the disappointment when we last that game, was so big, and it still is. I wish I could have played one more good game and give the team a chance to win the championship.

But it is what it is now and there is no turning back anymore.

We travelled back home to Linköping on Sunday and had a team dinner in the evening before a lot of our players left to go to their Worlds.

Once I’ve absorbed losing the Championship, I’ll write another blog post about the season reflection, so stay tuned.