Spontaneous Trip to Tallinn

Spontaneous trips are the best trips; that was yet again true of my trip to Tallinn, Estonia! Originally the plan was to go to Sweden and then to Finland for the Women’s World Championship and Coaching Symposium in Helsinki where I would then stay a couple more days for some sightseeing. When I met up … Continue reading Spontaneous Trip to Tallinn

Sweden – The «lagom» Land

3 years I spent in “lagom” land Sweden and since moving back home last summer, this was my first trip back to Linköping. I was excited to see how I would feel to be back here. Last November I went back to Boston (read my article here), and that was a very emotional trip, so … Continue reading Sweden – The «lagom» Land

The Blessing of my Spine Injury

When was the last time you had nothing planned and didn’t do anything for a longer period of time? I’m talking a day, a couple of days, a week, 2-3 weeks or even longer? After I had been released from the hospital and went home, a sudden emptiness overcame me but at the same time … Continue reading The Blessing of my Spine Injury