A Year Ago Today.

A year ago today was Thursday the 29th of September 2016. Like almost every day, I got up at 7am and went to school where I would get lots of reading done as well as participated in a late day lecture before going to practice that evening.

It was a long day and I was tired, not really in the mood for practice. Once I got to the rink, it seemed like I wasn’t the only one feeling like that, but a couple of my teammate were demotivated and tired as well. That day, we practiced in the practice rink where we don’t like to train as it is way too cold in there. That did not necessarily boost our mood, on the contrary.

It turned out to be an awful practice with an even more awful ending for me…

A teammate came on a breakaway and shot the puck at me, I went down in a butterfly to make the save, at the same time, my teammate fell and crashed right into my extended knee. I felt incredible pain and knew right away that I was injured big time.

Once I got to the emergency at the hospital, the longest wait ever started until I could actually see a doctor. The doctor at the hospital was of 0 help at all, I did not receive any pain meds or compression or anything. It was the most painful time ever!

Long story short, after an awful 2 days with 0 support in Sweden, I was able to fly home to Switzerland where I would finally get an MRI and see my doctor and receive a knee brace and compression shorts and lots of medicine.

Finally, after 3 days without knowing what was up with my knee, I received the diagnosis. I completely tore my MCL and partially tore my ACL!

Looking back at that injury now, I was able to develop myself a lot during this time of doing my rehab. I got to know my body a lot better than I have ever known before. I strongly believe that this injury was my body’s way of telling me that I needed rest, which was long overdue.

It was a long rehab phase. The first phase was until mid-January and then after reinjuring the knee in February, the second rehab phase after the surgery was until 3 weeks ago, but is still ongoing.

Not only was I able to develop myself as an person and the knowledge of my body, but I was able to have a lot more time for family and my friends again. Through their support, I received an incredible amount of new motivation, not only for the rehab, but to play hockey again. I was able to set a goal again and work my ass off to achieve this goal.

Although it was a very tough time, I believe this was very important for me. Especially being back on the ice now, I feel like a new goalie. I feel much better in my body, I am more aware of all my movements I make and lastly, I am happy. I am happy to be back on the ice, being able to practice and especially play games again.

Exactly tonight, we will practice in the cold training rink again… So wish me luck! J



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  1. Hi Florence, I’m Lorena, from Granada (Spain). I saw you practice in August in the IIHF Goalie Nation, you are a reference for me. I’m goalie, the only ice hockey goalie girl in Granada and three weeks ago I injured my quadriceps tendon and I am very discouraged, I have lost my motivation and it seems impossible to recover 100%. Your recovery capacity and your strength are incredible, how do you do it? Thanks

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