Athens; 44 Degrees

After a very short night, everyone was packing up their stuff and got onto 1 of the 5 busses that would drive us back to Athens.

It was approxiamtely a 4 hour bus ride, rather quiet, as everyone tried to catch up on some sleep. Once we got to Athens, we had lunch and checked in to the hotel and pretty much went right up to the rooftop pool that the Metropolitan Hotel had.

It was an incredible 44 degrees celcius out and there was no place I would have wanted to be but that pool to cool off. I wanted to go see the Akropolis (as we did not go see it the first day due to rain), but unfortunately it was closed again due to the heat. Even though I did not end up going to the Akropolis, we had a pretty good view of it from the rooftop pool, which ended up being good enough for me. 🙂

People already started leaving from the time we came back to Athens, luckily I had another night there before heading home to Switzerland the next day. My new friends and I made our way to the bar, the same bar we went to the first night of this entire two weeks trip. It was going to be a very special night!

It’s difficult to put into words what kind of friendships that has been established during these two weeks, and even though we said that we are going to organize a reunion, you actually never know if you ever see them ever again. It felt like counting hours until after one after the other left to the airport, painful hours.


Starting at 2am, our crew got smaller and smaller as that’s when the Andrew from Aruba left… Next one was Indrek from Estonia, follwed by Ugne and Ernestas from Lithuania. Marsel from Albania, Nicholas from Norway and Severin and me left to the airport at the same time. Saying bye was difficult, so there were tons of hugs and much tear sheding.

It was a beautiful night with wonderful people.



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