Master Thesis

Hi everyone, Many of you have seen my most recent Instagram and Facebook stories about writing my Master Thesis and I've received a lot of questions, so I figured I would explain here. 😊 I’m doing a Master’s in Science in Business Administration with a focus on Strategy and Management in International Organizations. I started … Continue reading Master Thesis

S I L V E R – S E A S O N

Hi everyone, As promised earlier, here’s my entire season recap. I think this will be a short one, as I did a Regular Season Wrap-Up, Quarter-Final Wrap Up, Semi-Final Wrap Up, and a Championship Final post. Some time has gone by now and I was able to process the entire season and especially the loss in the final … Continue reading S I L V E R – S E A S O N

Championship Final

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great week with Easter break, got to enjoy your family and eat lots of Easter eggs! I’ve had another crazy week with the play-off final week and the Stanford Students from my university project on a visit in Linköping during that time. The Stanford Students flew in … Continue reading Championship Final

Semi-Final Wrap Up

Hi everyone, Last week was a crazy and a very much different kind of week. I think for the first time since the beginning of the season we had a Monday off from practice. It was a good feeling to get a Monday off and take that night to recover and recharge for Wednesday’s game. … Continue reading Semi-Final Wrap Up

Quarter-Final Wrap Up

Hey everyone, As most of you know, last Wednesday was the start of the quarter-final playoffs in the SDHL After we came in 2nd in the regular season, we were to face-off against AIK in the first round, who ranked 7th. Lulea faced-off against Brynäs, Modo against Leksand and Djurgarden against HV71. It was actually … Continue reading Quarter-Final Wrap Up

Regular Season Wrap-Up

With Sunday’s game, the regular season came to an end and here’s my regular season recap. We captured 2nd place with 87 points in 36 games played which in my opinion is great. All teams get stronger and more competitive every season, so we can be very proud of ourselves for capturing 2nd place. For … Continue reading Regular Season Wrap-Up

Travel Makeup Routine

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a great weekend! So, I have received a bunch of questions regarding my makeup that I use when playing hockey, so I figured I could share that with you. Especially since I am a sucker for make-up!!! 😊 First off, I want to clarify, that I have different … Continue reading Travel Makeup Routine

Strong Finish

It was though, I put so much pressure on myself throughout the entire Olympics and then I had a brutal game like that… I was devastated. Disappointed. Sad. That was the ending of yesterday’s post! So here comes the continuation… After the game, we were told that we will already face off against Korea the … Continue reading Strong Finish

When you fly high

Due to the emotional roller-coaster called the Olympic Games, I have been slacking on writing my blog and sharing my experience with you all. So here goes a post about flying high… After the historical game against a united-Korea, things got rolling for myself and the team. After a game off-day, we played against Japan. … Continue reading When you fly high

The Secret behind #41

Hey everyone, A lot of people over the years have asked me why I wear number 41 as my jersey number and I was always reluctant to tell them why. I felt embarrassed to tell people, but now I realized that it’s perfectly fine… 😊 So here you go! Back in November 2004, I was … Continue reading The Secret behind #41