Back to the Lecture Hall

After a wonderful beach day and, today we are back to our regular routine here at the International Olympic Academy. At 7:10 we were woken up by the music again (I will definitely miss that when going home again!) and we had our first lecture at 8:30am.

The morning was filled with lectures and discussions. The first lecturer was Dr. Sam Ramsamy from South Africa and he talked about the Politics and Governance in the Olympic Movement. The second lecturer was Mr. David Wallechinsky from the USA and he talked about the Mass Media and Democracy in Sport. That was a fantastic presentation, where he talked a lot about the Doping scandals and especially the Russian doping scandal, which to me, is extremely interesting.

The morning was wrapped up with a discussion with our different discussion groups. Since we presented our first weeks discussion on Friday, today we started over. We came up with two new questions and started discussing these in our outdoor classroom.


The afternoon was filled with sports activities, which I unfortunately could not participate in, so I was able to do my rehab and get some other stuff done.

The day finished with the second social evening where China, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Israel, Guatemala, Albania, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden and Finland were presenting their countries. It was another incredible funny and enjoyable evening that I will remember for a very long time. 🙂



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