I have a 25-year long career in ice hockey, started at age 4, playing with the boys, then moving to the USA, a pitstop in Canada before returning back home to play men’s hockey when an incredible opportunity in Sweden opened up…

I represented my home country on the international stage for Olympic Games and World Championship but also on club level several times. Maybe it’s exaggerated if I say I’ve seen it all, but I definitely experienced a lot during my playing time. What might have seemed like an easy walk in the park was actually quite the climb up Mount Matterhorn (I always say Mount Matterhorn, cause it’s our Swiss pride – but it actually was more climbing Mount Everest) with a bunch of falls.

Behind the Mask is a book about the most important experiences and learning lessons from my career. In every chapter you will be provided with some key takeaways that you can apply in your daily life (whether you work, study or are an athlete). Thus, the chapters will be standalone chapters that can easily be skipped if certain topics are not of interest.

Here the 14 chapters:

  1. Chapter: Saturday February 2nd, 2019
    1. The day of my skiing accident
    2. The 6 months leading up to this accident
  2. Chapter: Grasshopper Club Zürich Organization
    1. The organization I grew up playing hockey in
    2. From a city club to the biggest and strongest hockey organizations in Switzerland
  3. Chapter: Boys with Girls / Boys vs Girls
    1. Boys playing with girls – it’s completely normal
    2. Why some boys don’t want to play with girls?
  4. Chapter: NCAA – my USA Adventure
    1. Recruitment Process
    2. Moving to the USA
    3. Understanding the college culture
    4. Most memorable time
  5. Chapter: CWHL – my Canada Adventure
    1. Draft
    2. Playing with the best in the world against the best in the world
  6. Chapter: Men with Women / Men vs Women
    1. EHC Bülach Men’s 1. League
    2. Men playing with women – not so normal anymore
    3. The difficulty of playing in a men’s team
  7. Chapter: SDHL – my Sweden Adventure
    1. 1st Contact to Signing Process
    2. Balancing Professional Hockey with your Professional Working Life
  8. Chapter: National Team
    1. World Championships
    2. The byproduct of the work put in
  9. Chapter: Olympic Games – my Career Highlight
    1. Torino 2006
    2. Vancouver 2010
    3. Sochi 2014
    4. Pyeongchang 2018
  10. Chapter: Injuries
    1. My injuries
    2. How did I get back from injuries?
  11. Chapter: Retirement
    1. The real reason for my retirement
  12. Chapter: 1st Year as a Coach
    1. The quick turnaround of becoming a coach
    2. 1st Player Selection
    3. 1st Player Cuts
    4. 1st World Championship
  13. Chapter: Life on the fast Lane
    1. Things to look out for
  14. Chapter: The Future
    1. 7 Days – 7 Projects

What do you think? Am I missing something? Any suggestions?

I’m curious to hear from you what you think!

Xo Florence