By stitches! 🖐

Hi everyone,

My knee surgery was over a week ago and I was able to remove the stitches today! Just a little step towards full recovery, but an important one!

Xo Florence

My Knee Injury

Hi everyone,

I’ve received quite a lot of questions throughout the last couple of weeks because of my knee injury. I realized that I never really communicated what happened to me in September when I first injured my knee and then what kind of surgery I got last week. So here we go!

I originally injured my left knee on September 29th during a practice in Linköping in Sweden. It was really bad luck, as a teammate of mine crashed into me after shooting the puck and unfortunately I somehow twisted / overextended my knee. I went to the emergency room right away, knowing something was seriously wrong as I could not bend or put pressure on my knee anymore.

Knowing the importance of this past season with the Olympic Qualification tournament in February, my nationalteam doctors and me decided to fly me home so I can get the best medical care I need. Once I was home I went through the usual procedure of seeing the doctor, getting an MRI done and so forth. The verdict: completely torren MCL and partially torren ACL. I was going to be out for 3 months or more. With the amazing medical system we have in Switzerland, I did my entire rehab here. We realized that we would cut it very tight with the Olympic Qualification tournament, but this was so important to me that we pushed very hard during rehab, with the result that I experienced a couple of setbacks but overall were on track to be ready to play in February.

When the Olympic Tournament came around, I felt as ready as I could be. I was really excited for this tournament to start. I knew that it was not going to be easy with having 3 games in 4 days plus pre-game skate and so forth, but I had a strong will. It was going great until pre-game skate of the second game against Norway. The puck came towards me, I went down on my knee and made a kick-save… I knew something happened, I knew that it wasn’t my MCL or ACL, it was a different pain but it was the same knee than in September.

Long story short, I torre my meniscus. I went through the same procedure again with doctor appointment, MRI and so forth. I couldn’t harm anything else in the knee though if I were to continue play the rest of the season, so I did exactly that. The rest of the season was painful though. I could barely walk upstairs anymore, I had a hard time cycling and I could not do any squats anymore. As for my game on the ice, it was a struggle, a struggle that I was able to push through.

When the season was over, my doctors and me decided to get surgery on that meniscus as fast as possible. So this is what I got done last week. 🙂

My recovery time from this will approximately be 2 months until I can start training a 100% again.

It wasn’t an easy season, but it definately taught me a lot and I really really really look forward to next season!

xo Florence

Road to PyeongChang 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new blog where I will start write about my road to the Olympic Games 2018 in PyeongChang!

Having undergone surgery a week ago, I will mainly write about my rehab and progress on my knee and then of course about my training and everything that goes into being an athlete. I will also write about handling the workload of going to university and doing a masters while playing hockey on an international stage.

Feel free to comment on all of my posts but also let me know if you have anything you would like me to write about!


xo Florence