Strong Finish

It was though, I put so much pressure on myself throughout the entire Olympics and then I had a brutal game like that… I was devastated. Disappointed. Sad. That was the ending of yesterday’s post! So here comes the continuation… After the game, we were told that we will already face off against Korea the … Continue reading Strong Finish

When you fly high

Due to the emotional roller-coaster called the Olympic Games, I have been slacking on writing my blog and sharing my experience with you all. So here goes a post about flying high… After the historical game against a united-Korea, things got rolling for myself and the team. After a game off-day, we played against Japan. … Continue reading When you fly high

The Secret behind #41

Hey everyone, A lot of people over the years have asked me why I wear number 41 as my jersey number and I was always reluctant to tell them why. I felt embarrassed to tell people, but now I realized that it’s perfectly fine… 😊 So here you go! Back in November 2004, I was … Continue reading The Secret behind #41

A game against a United Korea

What a historical day it was yesterday. With a rather late wakeup, we made our way to the rink for a pre-game skate around noon. It was a longer pre-game skate than I anticipated, usually it is 30 minutes, now it’s 45 minutes. Anyways, pre-game skate was good and you could tell that it was … Continue reading A game against a United Korea

Opening Ceremony

The day of the opening ceremony is finally here, and this is almost the most exciting day of the entire Olympics! To be able to walk into the stadium representing your country among the best of the best athletes in the world is just indescribable! The day started off late so I took this opportunity … Continue reading Opening Ceremony

It’s happening for the 4th time!

It has been a crazy couple of days, so much going on here, I'm giving you a quick recap and hoping that I will find a bit more time from now on! 🙂 So basically, after my Olympia Mask announcement, we had another exhibition game against Finland in Goyang, which we lost 4-1. It was … Continue reading It’s happening for the 4th time!

Olympic Mask 2018

Finally, here it is; my mask for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games! Thank you so much to everyone for their great ideas and suggestions, I tried to take in as many as possible that would fit to me and my personality. Thank you again! The center piece of the mask is a toque. The … Continue reading Olympic Mask 2018

Got off with a black eye – literally!

Today was the first gameday here in Korea. After only two ice practices and being here two days, we faced off against Canada in a pre-Olympic friendly game. The day started quite early, with breakfast at 7:30am and the bus going to the rink right after. The bus ride to the rink takes approximately 30 … Continue reading Got off with a black eye – literally!

First Impressions

Hello from Goyang-Si! Today was the first full day in Korea and I’m excited to share a bit with all of you! As luck has it, my slowly adapting to the Korean time totally worked out and I was able to get a very well good night sleep last night and was full of energy … Continue reading First Impressions

Travel Day to Seoul

Hi everyone Finally, the departure day to go to fly to South Korea was finally here. We only lifted in the evening, so I was able to spend an almost full day doing my regular stuff. Thursday started off with an off-ice training, followed by physical therapy before heading home for a last lunch at … Continue reading Travel Day to Seoul