Silicon Valley

Besides living in Los Altos Hills and being in Pali Alto almost every day, we got to see some more of the Silicon Valley on our last half day in California.  We got up rather early and actually all together jumped into our pool we had. The temperature wasn't that warm all week and we … Continue reading Silicon Valley

San Francisco by Bike

Another day of sightseeing in San Francisco was on the schedule for today!  We left Los Altos Hills at 9am and were headed to Lombard St again, we wanted to see it again in daylight after we saw it at night on Wednesday! It was so pretty, we enjoyed it a lot!  After Lombard St … Continue reading San Francisco by Bike

San Francisco

When efficiency pays off and you get to spend a full day in San Francisco doing some sightseeing with your project group! Winning! 🙂  Before we made our way to San Francisco, we wanted to have a look at the Tesla HQ which was very close to where we live. But funny enough we got … Continue reading San Francisco

Summer 2017: The Novel

Every summer has it's own story but mine is a novel, or well at least worth a blog post. 🙂 The summer of 2017 has been a very special summer for me. Not only because of all the travelling I have done but also because of all the new people I have met along the … Continue reading Summer 2017: The Novel

Croatia; an Unforgettable Experience

My dear friend Jelena got married!!! I met Jelena almost two years ago in Linköping, Sweden when we both started with the Swedish language classes. She's originally from Croatia and moved to Sweden to be with her boyfriend that is Croatian as well. Ever since we met in school in Linköping, Jelena and me have … Continue reading Croatia; an Unforgettable Experience

Some Fun in Spain

Greetings from Spain everyone! As you might have seen it on my social media channels, I am out travelling again. This time I went to Málaga in Spain with my friend Zuzana. I met Zuzana last year at the IIHF High Performance Camp in Vierumäki in Finland and we became instant best friends. Although we … Continue reading Some Fun in Spain

Bye International Olympic Academy

Two fantastic weeks are coming to an end and with it a lot of mixed feelings... It has been an unforgettable 2 weeks and although I am happy to go home, I will miss everything and everyone that I had met in Athens and in Olympia. I've learned a lot, academically, personally and culturally. I've … Continue reading Bye International Olympic Academy

Athens; 44 Degrees

After a very short night, everyone was packing up their stuff and got onto 1 of the 5 busses that would drive us back to Athens. It was approxiamtely a 4 hour bus ride, rather quiet, as everyone tried to catch up on some sleep. Once we got to Athens, we had lunch and checked … Continue reading Athens; 44 Degrees

Closing Ceremony

That's it! It’s the last day of the International Olympic Academy. 😦 Before the Closing Ceremony started, all discussion groups presented their conclusions of the second cycle of discussions. All discussion groups came up with some very interesting questions and it was very interesting to hear what they have been discussing. After every group had … Continue reading Closing Ceremony

Track and Field Meeting

As the pool in the academy was not filled with water, we were able to have 2 beach days, so today we were off to the beach again! After a couple of hours at the beach, we went back to the campus for a Track and Field Meeting where we would have 1.2km run, 60m … Continue reading Track and Field Meeting