Master Thesis

Hi everyone, Many of you have seen my most recent Instagram and Facebook stories about writing my Master Thesis and I've received a lot of questions, so I figured I would explain here. 😊 I’m doing a Master’s in Science in Business Administration with a focus on Strategy and Management in International Organizations. I started … Continue reading Master Thesis

Presentation Day

After lots of prototyping and testing yesterday, we sat down today and analyzed the tests and concluded with the fact that all our prototypes and tests have failed and that we were still missing a real problem. Good thing that failure is encouraged in this course/project, as long as we take valuable lessons away from … Continue reading Presentation Day

Stanford University Loft

Today was all about finishing up our first challenge as an entire group, a critical experience prototype.  Since we're looking into rescues in difficult to reach terrain, we came up with a bunch of problems that could come up or improvements for current procedures.  One big problem we identified was communication devices among rescuers but … Continue reading Stanford University Loft

Stanford University D.School

It was a long day, it was a very long day! 🙂 We met the Stanford team at the at 9:30am and left the building shortly before 9pm again!  What did we do for this long? Basically brainstorming user needs and creating questions that are relevant in the need space. The discussions were very … Continue reading Stanford University D.School

Paper Bike Challenge

Finally, it was the day of the paper bike challenge! Every year during the kick-off, each team is competing with their previously built paper bike against each other!  Approximately a month ago we were given the instructions for this challenge and started designing and building it. The instructions were simple, it had to be built … Continue reading Paper Bike Challenge

The Challenge

Today we met our Stanford group for the first time and had the official kick-off for the ME310 at Stanford University d-school.  Our challenge that was given to us a bit over a week ago was a to invent a product or a solution for rescues in difficult to reach terrain!  We started with interviewing … Continue reading The Challenge

Travel Day – Check! 

4:15am yesterday was the start of a long journay to San Francisco!  We took the first flight out of Linköping at 6am to fly to Amsterdam! We were tired but super excited! The trip to Amsterdam went well and smooth, followed by a rather quick layover in Amsterdam we boarded our KLM flight to San … Continue reading Travel Day – Check! 

ME310 – SAAB – Stanford University

Hi everyone, With hockey season in full drive and everything going so well, I am happy to share another success story in terms of university for me. At Linköping University and many more global universities, there is a design thinking course. This course is an 8 month course, where 2 university team up and create … Continue reading ME310 – SAAB – Stanford University