Closing Ceremony

That’s it! It’s the last day of the International Olympic Academy. 🙁

Before the Closing Ceremony started, all discussion groups presented their conclusions of the second cycle of discussions. All discussion groups came up with some very interesting questions and it was very interesting to hear what they have been discussing.


After every group had presented, the presentation of the participant’s diplomas took place, thus the closing ceremony started. Every participant was called upon their country and name to go to the stage to accept the diploma and a little present from the city of Olympia.

The Closing Ceremony continued by speeches on behalf of the participants, group coordinators, lecturers and the President of the International Olympic Academy, Mr. Michael Fysentzidis. The Closing Ceremony was over after the Olympic Anthem and lots of applause from everyone.

The afternoon was off and most of us headed to the pool at a hotel in downtown Olympia again. It was a beautiful afternoon, so much fun and laughing. The atmosphere was great, although everyone knew that these are the last couple of hours / days before everyone is heading home again. It was our last day in Olympia before heading back to Athens.

In the evening, we had our last social night where 18 nations presented their country to everyone. This social evening was filled with dances, quizzes, singing, laughing and just so much fun. I really enjoyed every single one of these evenings, as it brings the presenters culture closer to you in a fun atmosphere.

After all the presentations, the crew headed to the bar (Zorbas) again for one last time for another short night filled with dancing to all kind of songs but mostly Despasito (was played approximately 10 times a night)!



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