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Hi everyone,

Since the beginning of the new season is just around the corner and my knee rehab is slowly coming to an end, I am exremely happy to be working with Andrea Zryd for my off-ice practices.

Andrea and me have known each other for quite some time now. Not only have we actually worked together back in 2013/14 at the IIHF on several player tracking projects, but we also worked as athlete and coach together.

During the time when I played in the CWHL in 2012/13, Andrea put together all my off-ice workouts and we did a bunch of testing and that kind of stuff together. The biggest success came in the season of the Olympic Games in Sochi. I worked very closely with her during the entire summer, meeting her in Magglingen almost every Saturday for intense training sessions and did her programm once the season started all the way up to the Olympic Games.

As I was injured for most of last season and all summer, my off-season training has suffered a lot and I knew I needed a top notch conditioning coach that I trust, to put me back in shape as fast as possible. Thus I contacted Andrea again a bit over a month ago and asked her to work with me again.

Last Wednesday I travelled to Magglingen again to meet up with her, did some tests, looked at all of the exercises and figured out a plan. We’re going to be working on a lot of basic weight movements but then focus a lot on dynamic exercises to bring back the speed that I need as a goalie. The time frame is pretty much from now up until the Olympics and then the rest of the season until playoffs with Linkรถping.

I am extremely happy to work with her again, as I know I will be in the best shape possible for the key events this season and this is very motivating. Especially after a demotivating injury-driven last season and summer.

Stay tuned for more on my development!



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