Croatia; an Unforgettable Experience

My dear friend Jelena got married!!!

I met Jelena almost two years ago in Linköping, Sweden when we both started with the Swedish language classes. She’s originally from Croatia and moved to Sweden to be with her boyfriend that is Croatian as well. Ever since we met in school in Linköping, Jelena and me have become really good friends and I was very excited to have received an invitation to her wedding…

It did not take me a lot of thinking until I accepted her invitation and booked my flight to go to Zagreb in Croatia. So this is what I’ve been up to the 10 days I was in Croatia.

I was able to be at her Bachelorette party, where we rented a house out in the woods, where we had a pool and a nice party area. It was an absolut blast! I got to meet all her friends and had a wonderful night celebrating Jelena. The day after the Bachelorette party, we made our way to the croatian seaside, to Cres. We spent a beautiful day at the seaside before we took the ferry back to mainland.

The rest of the week we stayed in Karlovac and would make a couple of trips to Zagreb. I was able to help Jelena with some of the wedding preparations and so forth.

I got to stay at her house with her entire family and let me tell you, I had the time of my life! I was almost overwhelmed by their hospitality, the way they made me feel like part of the family the second I got there. How they treated me and everything, I never had anything like that before. Needless to say, the language was a bit of a barrier at times, but made us laugh a little extra more when something else was said then what was supposed to be said.

Not only did I get a good laugh with the language barrier, but also because of the hilariousness of Jelena, her family and friends. In Croatia there is an expression to say “I’m here with the bike” when you are not following a converstion, so that sentence became a running gag for me during my stay. Let me tell you, I got really tired of biking after going everywhere with the bike… 🙂

As the wedding came around, I felt like I got more excited than Jelena, to be part of a Croatian wedding. The wedding culture was quite different from the one I got to experience in Switzerland and in Sweden, as well as in the US. Jelena looked absolutely gorgeous for the wedding and it was an incredible feast to celebrate the beginning of their wedding. The party started at 12pm on Saturday and lasted until 6am on Sunday and then again on Sunday starting at around 2pm…

I was exhausted after these 10 days Croatia, but I literally can’t remember the last time I was having such a good time for such a long time, it was literally an unforgettable experience!

A big thank you to Jelena, Denis and all the family and friends for making this stay an unforgettable one!



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