Final Stretch of the Season

It’s 32 days to go until Pyeongchang 2018 and almost 2 months until the beginning of the playoffs in Sweden.

Over the years, an entire season has become very overwhelming for me, daily practices and so many games during the week and weekends. The travelling that comes with all the away games, the travelling to national team camps. It’s a lot! Now, I’m aware that 36 games + playoffs are nowhere close to the men’s championship, but condidering that I’m a full-time student/employee, it is a lot. πŸ™‚

So, in order to make the season seem “shorter”, I divided the season in multiple phases. These phases help me stay motivated and on track for the final stretch of the season.

Phase 1 was the longest, started in the beginning of September, 10 games and ended on October 1st. Phase 2 should have been with the national team in October and two games, but I didn’t get a call, so instead took that week off (from games, not training) and hosted the girls’ hockey day.

Phase 3, with 8 games ended on November 1st before going into Phase 4 which would have been a national team tournament in Russia. I ended up going to San Francisco with school instead of Russia, so phase 4, was an off-phase again, just like phase 2.

Phase 5 was the second longest phase with 9 games that started on November 18th until December 10th. Phase 6 was the national team tournament in Czech with 3 games.

Christmas time is family and recovery time. So I only trained off the ice to give my mind and body a good rest for the rest of the season on the ice.

Phase 7 was the tournament in FΓΌssen just now. Tomorrow, I’m heading back to Sweden where phase 8 starts, which is a short one with 4 games before February is all about the Olympics in Pyeongchang. The second last phase before playoffs start has 5 games and then I guess it’s an open end in the playoffs. πŸ™‚

So that’s how I split up the season to make it seem less intense. A max of 10 games in a phase is something doable throughout an entire season… πŸ™‚

The phases right now are going to be the toughest ones, not only because of the physical and mental challenge the Olympics and Playoff bring, but because simultaneously to this, I’m writing my master thesis and working on the ME310 project.

So it’s a busy time ahead, but thank you all for your fantastic support and all kind and encouraging messages!



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