First Post-Surgery Medical Check-Up

Hi everyone

6 weeks ago I had a skiing accident where I feel on my head and fractured the sixth cervical vertebra of the spine. The doctors’ predicted 6 months until full recovery, of which I have to wear a neck brace 24/7 for the first 3 months. Besides wearing the neck brace, my only physical activity that I’m allowed to do is walk and absolutely not lift heavier than 2kg at all time. Additionally to my spine injury, I suffered a concussion and also partially tore my MCL on the left knee (same one that I had surgery on 2 years ago). It goes without saying that I was extremely lucky and will make a full recovery, however it’s a long way to go.

Today I had my first major medical check-up at the hospital in Chur (where I had the surgery) where I got x-rays taken and got everything controlled by the operating doctor. I’m smiling big time right now writing this because the doctor is more than happy with the progress I am making and everything seems to heal the way it should or even better! 😀

I was told today that in 4 weeks (instead of 6 weeks) I can start partially taking off the neck brace and start adapting to my own neck again, so that in 6 weeks (instead of 8 weeks) I can move around entirely without the brace.

I know the next 4 weeks are going to be challenging with me continuously having to practice my patience, but it’s definitely worth the wait to know that everything will be good afterwards!

In 6 weeks I’ll have the next check-up here in Chur and will then start the 3 months of physical therapy!

Thanks to everyone for your continuous support throughout my rehabilitation! It is very much appreciated!



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  1. Yes, you were very lucky. I’m happy you are healing quickly and I wish you the best in your rehab.

  2. Ich freue mich sehr, dass es bergauf geht! Weiterhin viel Erfolg beim „Gsond wärde“🍀👍🍀

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