Girls’ Hockey Day 2017

This weekend was World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend all around the world! Federations, clubs, teams or individals all around the world organized an event to promote girls’ hockey!ย This event is an idea of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and is to this day very well promoted through them during that weekend.

I organized for the 4th time in a row a girls’ Hockey Day in Kloten, Switzerland. Today, 50 girls between the age of 4 and 12 participated with 6 on-ice coaches and 1 off-ice coach. A couple of the girls were wearing hockey equipment for the first time, while others were already playing for a couple of years!


The day started at 10am with a check-in where all the participants received a t-shirt and were put into 2 different groups (based on their experience). The official opening took place at 10:30am in the lockerrooms for the girls, followed by a quick opening for the parents in the rink.

Shortly after, group 1 hit the ice for 55min, while group 2 did an off-ice session. At 12:10, group 2 came on the ice with group 1 to have a group picture and then their 60 min on-ice session. Group 1 then went to have an off-ice session.

After the second on-ice and off-ice session, the girls’ hockey day came to an end with an autograph session.

Overall it was a huge success! It’s so nice to see how much fun the girls are having and how many girls there are that play hockey or want to play hockey! I’m so happy to be able to organize such an event with the help ofย  sponsors (EHC Kloten, Ochsner Hockey, Selecta and BEMER), a big thank you to them! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow already I am going back to Sweden to join my team again and continue with the season!

xo Florence

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