Got off with a black eye – literally!

Today was the first gameday here in Korea. After only two ice practices and being here two days, we faced off against Canada in a pre-Olympic friendly game.

The day started quite early, with breakfast at 7:30am and the bus going to the rink right after. The bus ride to the rink takes approximately 30 minutes one way, so it is quite far away. Once at the rink, we got changed and started with our warm up routines before going on the ice.

Usually this warm up takes around 30 minutes. First blackrolling a bit, then dynamic mobility followed by quick feet, some jumps and I always finish off with a couple of core exercises.

Pre-game ice practices are always 30 minutes long (it’s very short!). It’s all about getting your legs going and getting a good feel for the puck and all that before the actual game later on. Usually, we leave the rink 1 hour after we get off the ice. So time to cool down and shower. You can see, the time required for such a short ice practice is tremendous. 1 hour of driving, 1hr 30 min for warm-up and cool down and just 30 minutes practice.

Anyways, after we came back to the hotel, we had lunch. I literally inhaled the food, so I could go to my room and get a 30 minute nap before we had the pre-game meeting and were headed to the rink again.

At 15:40 local time, we faced off against Canada for the first time again since the semifinal game of the 2014 Olympic Games. I was really excited for this game, I always think that playing against Canada, the best in the world, is very special. Today was rough though…

Shortly after the game started, it was 1-0 Canada… But it stayed that way for the entire 1st period. It was during the second and third period, that we got killed with the score being 6-0 after the 2nd and 10-0 after the 3rd. ☹ Yes it was rough!

We got off with a black eye – it was an exhibition game! I got off with a black eye – literally! During the first period, I received a high stick right to the top of my eye. Quite painful and not pretty!

I’m headed off to bed now, another full schedule tomorrow aaaaaaand the revealing of my mask on the Olympic Channel!!!

Stay tuned!



12 Comments on “Got off with a black eye – literally!

  1. How do you stay so pretty with a black eye?? When i get one, it looks like i got hit by a train. Speedy recovery, and hopefully i get to see Team Swiss in the medal round.

  2. Wow, sorry to hear about your black eye. On the plus side, this injury has nothing to do with your knee! Stay healthy and I hope you get a shot at the USA in the semifinals.
    Gary (your #1 fan in Canada)

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