Just like my Finnish friends said, Helsinki is very small and does not need a whole lot of time to explore. Although I must say, I’m not a museum kind of person, so I guess without museums, a lot of cities are quicker to explore. You’ll find some pictures of the trip below!

It took me 2 ½ days to see everything I wanted to see. So here’s a quick summary of what I did and what I saw. Note that everything is within walking distance if you like to walk! 😊

I stayed at the Radisson Blue Seaside on Ruoholahdenranta and started off my sightseeing tour by walking the scenic route to downtown! The scenic route was just along the water, Hietalahdenranta, Wiranranta, Merisatamanranta, Ehrenströmintie all the way to the market square. On the way there, at the first harbor, there is the Löyly design sauna with traditional wood-heated or smoked sauna (I didn’t go, but been to a smoked sauna in Vierumäki – quite the Finnish experience!). However the scenic route is a really nice walk if you enjoy a stroll along the water with a lot of other people! 😊

Once you’re at the market square, there are a bunch of “must sees” right there within very short distance.

  • Allas Sea Pool (Spa Complex with Sauna and pool (regular and seawater pool))
  • Uspenski Cathedral (one of the largest Orthodox churches in Western Europe)
  • Esplanade Park (sit down at a café and enjoy people watching)
  • Tori Quarter (the historical center)
  • Helsinki University Main Building
  • Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square (most recognizable symbol of Helsinki – must see!)

All of these sights above are within 5 – 10 minutes of the harbor. From there you can get on Mannerheimintie, which is the main shopping street and walk towards the main train station. Once in the area of the train station there are a couple of more sights that I went to:

  • Oodi Library (wow! It only just opened in December 2018)
  • Helsinki Music Centre
  • Temppeliaukio “Rock” Church

These were all the things I went to look at in the heart of Helsinki. Another trip that I can really suggest from the bottom of my heart:

  • Ferry ride to Suomenlinna
  • Spend a day in Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

So that’s all I did during the 2 ½ days that I had available! Obviously there is much more to do and to see than what I did but this was just enough for me and the most interesting ones! I wish however that I would have gone to the Finnish sauna and the swim in the sea pool. But who knows, hockey will surely take me back to Finland one day! 😀

Xo Florence

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