International Olympic Academy

So the sessions begin!

The first night at the International Olympic Academy history and we were woken up around 7:10 am by the sound of the Olympic Anthem and many other Greek composers through loudspeakers that are spread around the IOA premises. Very special and beautiful way to be woken up!

After a quick breakfast, we had our first meeting in the lecture hall at 8:30am where all the guests, lecturers, coordinators and participants were introduced. Shortly after that, we had another Opening Ceremony on the site of the ancient Olympic village. Although it was still in the morning, the temperature was around 28 degrees Celsius already and the sun was burning. As the Ceremony took place outside, most people were avoiding the sun and escaping to the shade. The laying of wreaths at the stele of Pierre de COUBERTIN and the commemorative monument of John KETSEAS and Carl DIEM took place during this time. Then Olympic Anthem was played yet again and that meant that now it is time to get to work.

The topic of this years’ IOA session is Ethics, Education and Governance in the Olympic Movement and all lectures and discussions that we are having are around this area. The first lecturer was Prof. Dr. Gertrud Pfister from Germany and discusses Gender Equality and Democracy in Sport, followed by a question and answer by the participants.

This was followed by lunch and then time for oneself to explore the city of Olympia and so. My roommate Fay has a car, so it was like a short way to downtown. A pretty village!

Later that afternoon, we had the second lecture by Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Georgiadis from Greece on the subject of Olympic Education of a ‘better Governance’. This lecture was followed again by a Q&A session. After the lecture, all participants were split up in 11 different groups where we would have group discussions.

In the group discussions, we had to come up with 2 questions that we would work with for the rest of the week which include the topic of this IOA session (Ethics, Education and Governance in the Olympic Movement). After almost two hours of brainstorming and discussions, my group came up with two questions and that was the end of the discussion group. These two questions are going to be presented at the end of the week to all other participants and eventually brought to the IOC.

After dinner we had a film projection of the Olympic Games Athens 2004 “Behind the Scene” before going to bed.

More to come tomorrow on the next day!



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