It’s happening for the 4th time!

It has been a crazy couple of days, so much going on here, I’m giving you a quick recap and hoping that I will find a bit more time from now on! 🙂

So basically, after my Olympia Mask announcement, we had another exhibition game against Finland in Goyang, which we lost 4-1. It was a good game, both teams had many good chances. The exhibition games were over, and so was our preparation camp in Goyang. We packed our bags immediately after the game and put them on a truck that would bring them to the ice rink in Gangneung. The rest of our day we spent packing our suitcases at the hotel and many more meetings before an early good night.

On Wednesday morning, we left with the bus at 9am from the hotel in the direction of the Olympic Village in Gangneung. The ride to the village took somewhat 4 hours but it seemed a lot faster, as the excitement to get to the village became higher and higher. Once at the village, the real stress started with accreditation validation, luggage scanning and IOC pictures before actually entering the village and finding the Swiss house, your apartment and room. This took a lot longer than in our schedule anticipated, so we had to rush to the dinning hall to get some lunch before having another meeting and heading to the rink for the first ice practice on the Olympic ice.

The rink is nice, real nice! I’m really excited for the tournament to start!

After practice we drove back to the village, had dinner, another team meeting, physical therapy and then it was basically time to get a good night rest for today.

Well I guess, the antidoping had some different plans with my sleeping scheduled. At 11:10 pm (!!!) they came knocking at my and 11 other player’s doors. That meant, getting up again and making our way to the doping control tent just 5-minute walk from our house. Once there, the waiting began. They only had 3 (!) controllers for 12 players. By the time I saw a controller the first time it was past midnight.

The doping control procedure is that an athlete has to pee 90ml into a cup and that the specific gravity has to be above 5. First time I failed to get above 5 for gravity, so I had to wait 45 minutes (without drinking) for my second try. 45 minutes later, 2nd try, same thing. Gravity was below 5 again, so I had to wait another 45 minutes until the 3rd and last try. Yet again, on my 3rd try I didn’t get above 5 and therefore the mission was aborted. At this point, it was almost 2am (!!!).

With a very short night, our second day in the Olympic Village and Olympic rink started. First off, a 70-minutes long ice training was on the schedule. After practice we went back to the village to have a quick lunch. After lunch, it was time for the media afternoon at the House of Switzerland in PyeongChang. Our coach Daniela, captain Livia and assistant-captain Lara and myself were selected for the media afternoon. We got a mini-van driving us to the 30 min away House of Switzerland with a bit of a detour, but we made it. Once we got there, we faced a bunch of journalists as a group before we got split up for individual interviews. The most popular questions?

  • Whether we will confirm the bronze medal from Sochi?
  • How we handle everything going on around our first game against Korea?
  • My eye?

The answers are simple:

  • The situation now is a lot different than in Sochi. This time, we are in the bottom group and have to be in 1st or 2nd position after the preliminary round in order to qualify for the quarterfinal. To get to the quarterfinal is our main goal.
  • The game against Korea is very exciting. It’s great to see that sport unifies! In the end, we have to focus on our game and do everything in our power to win this game, no matter who the opponent is.
  • My eye is good! It’s still very colorful, but it doesn’t hurt anymore and doesn’t hinder me.

After all the questions were answered, we drove back to the village where I was able to get some new Bauerfeind compression tights at the polyclinic here at the village.

The day was almost up, and it was time for dinner and another team meeting where we all first received our brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phones, and then spoke about tactics again.


Monika and myself went quickly around the village after the meeting for an evening stroll and explore a bit more before heading back to the rooms.

The Games are almost starting and everything is very exciting! Everything goes by so quick now, with the opening ceremony happening tomorrow and our first game after tomorrow!

Stay tuned!



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