Knee Rehab

Hi everyone!

After two wonderful weeks in Greece at the IOA session, reality hit hard pretty much the day after I came back to Switzerland. 🙂

Although I was doing my rehab and some training while in Greece, the intensity of the training was not that high. So when I came back, I had to get back into my routines of physiotherapy, rehab and training. Together with my physio and conditioning coach, we created a programm for the 1.5 weeks I am at home before taking on my next trip abroad.

Every day I went on the bike for one hour at a heartrate of approximately 130, which is in the fat burning range. Additionally, I would alternate with weight training. One day I would do legs, one day I would do upperbody. Since my knee is not 100% ready yet, the leg workout was a combination between weights and some simple running exercises. Further, I would have 3 bike intervall sessions a week and massages, acupuncture and cupping.

I would usually wrap up my workout day with lots of stretching and foam rolling while watching TV or talking to my friends.

It was a very intensive 1.5 week where I was able to progress quite a bit and I am looking forward to the next step in my rehab and training, but first I’ll travel some more.

I am currently sitting at the airport, waiting for my next adventure to start. 🙂

Stay tuned as I will try my best to post as much as possible again!



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