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Hi everyone,

Many of you have seen my most recent Instagram and Facebook stories about writing my Master Thesis and I’ve received a lot of questions, so I figured I would explain here. 😊

I’m doing a Master’s in Science in Business Administration with a focus on Strategy and Management in International Organizations. I started this degree in August 2016 at Linköping University here in Sweden, and no haha, the program is not in Swedish. All classes, lectures and hand-ins are in English.

Currently I am a little less than a month away from graduation, which I am very excited about. Unfortunately, until then, there is lots of work to be completed. Actually, Friday the 25th we’re submitting our Master Thesis and a week later we will have the defense. A master thesis in Sweden is always written in pairs with a couple of exceptions where a thesis would be written alone or in our case in a group of 3 people.

In November, we found a company that would be interesting to study, Saab AB. Saab is a Swedish aerospace and defense company that operates with very long product development times and even longer product lifespan, yet they have to be highly innovative. These specific characteristics are seen in other industries than the aerospace and defense industry and therefore, our research could potentially be relevant to other companies and industries than just Saab. Most importantly, it will contribute to current theory.

Since the beginning of our research within Saab, we focused on decision making and innovation. Within innovation, we focused on exploration and exploitation, where we came across the term “organizational ambidexterity”. Ambidexterity is explained by doing something with two hands and not just with your right or left hand. In context, that would be to create innovation while at the same time focus on the here and now. Within organizational ambidexterity, there are 3 different forms, contextual, sequential and structural.

After the Olympics, we started conducting our interviews at Saab and shortly after started analyzing them. In the interviews, it became very evident that we had found a gap in theory about which we’re currently writing about.

Our research question by the way is the following: How does sequential and contextual ambidexterity influence decision making within an organization?

4 Chapters are entirely done, but chapter 5 (discussion) and 6 (conclusion) still need a lot of work. So this is pretty much it. Not much time left but still lots of work.

I guess, I better get back to work then… 😊 Let me know if you have any further questions!




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