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Hi everyone,

With hockey season in full drive and everything going so well, I am happy to share another success story in terms of university for me.

At Linköping University and many more global universities, there is a design thinking course. This course is an 8 month course, where 2 university team up and create a group of 4 persons/university and add a sponsor company. The universities are then given a challenge from the sponsor company and work on this challenge for the 8 months applying design thinking methods. The end result is to invent a new product or service for the sponsor company that solves their challenge.

There is two networks, the ME310 network, which Stanford University in the USA has a bunch of teams that team up with other global universities. Then there is the Sugar Network, where any worldwide university can partner up with each other on a project.

Linköping University was to place two teams, one in the ME310 and one in the Sugar Network. Due to limited number of places in these groups, students had to internally apply for these projects and where then asked to an assessment. This application process started in May last year and lasted up until end of September.

Luckily I was selected as one of the participants for these projects among 7 other people. We then had another short assessment, where the teaching team was able to work out the group dynamics and who to put with who into the 2 different projects.

The ME310 project this year is with SAAB and the Sugar Network project is with BASAF and KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). My wish from the very beginning was to be in the SAAB project and my wish came true!!! 🙂

The course officially started last Monday, but inofficially it started a month ago with the first challenge, to create a paper vehicule, with which we will compete in Palo Alto this week.

With that being said, the kick off for all these projects is taking place in Palo Alto at Stanford University for the ME310 projects and Santa Clara for the Sugar Network, and this is where I’m going to right now!

Stay tuned to follow more of my journey!



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