My last as a Goalie

Today a year ago I suited up in my goalie equipment for the last time and played my last game as an active goalie… It’s somehow surreal to realize that this has been 1 year ago already.

Throughout this year I’ve been asked a lot whether I miss it… I always hesitate to answer, because do I really miss it or not?

When I announced my retirement, I knew I wanted to stay involved in hockey and share my knowledge, my experience and my skills with the future of hockey. At this point however I didn’t know where, how and to what extent. Receiving the job opportunity as assistant coach of the U18 national team had been a blessing and made me almost completely forget that I’ve just recently retired from the sport I loved so much.

I say almost because there were 4 occasions throughout this last year where I had a bit of a heartache…

  1. In August last year when I was on the bench for my first game, I watched the on ice-warm up and I saw a goalie do something that I always used to do, and seeing someone else do the exact same reminded me of my playing time.
  2. In that exact tournament in August, I was watching the end of another game while our girls got ready, this game went into shootout. Some emotions came up while watching that shootout, reminding me of many shootouts that I went through as a goalie and how thrilling that always was.
  3. In January at the Worlds in Japan seeing the girls go out on the ice with the IIHF anthem, that used to always be “showtime” for me.
  4. When we lost against Russia in a nerve-racking shootout to Russia in the quarterfinal, I was so upset for the girls cause they played so amazing and they would have deserved to move on to the semifinal. I wish I could have done more for them but my hands were tied as a coach in such a situation and it’s all on the players.

So I had 4 heartaches in 365 days, I would consider that not missing active hockey, but it has been a very eye-opening experience and I am more clear on what I want to do in the future now than ever.

I want to become a coach, not just a hockey coach but also a personal coach for athletes and non-athletes!

Besides the hockey coaching courses that I will attend this summer, I will be coaching at different camps (still to be announced) and also organize a showcase hockey camp with Steve Huard in Halifax, Canada this summer.

Also, I am doing a school to become a Certified personal Coach because I strongly believe that everyone can achieve their dreams with the right guidance! I hope that by the end of this summer I will be able to take the first clients!

And lastly, the Girls’ Hockey Day that I’ve been organizing in Kloten will expand Switzerland wide! 😀

Hockey has and will always be a very big part in my life, even if I don’t miss playing it actively! 😀




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