Oh Boston…!

It’s been 5 years since I left Boston in May 2013 a couple days after my graduation to embark on a new adventure in Switzerland. Although I was extremely happy to move back home, my plan wasn’t to stay there more than a year or max 2 years. My plan was to move back to Boston…

Remember the movie ‘Legally Blonde’? I loved that movie and wanted to be like Reese Witherspoon! 🙂 So, ever since I watched that movie, I’ve dreamed about going to grad school at Harvard University. So once I was done with undergrad (living in Boston for my undergrad made me wanting to go to Harvard and stay in Boston even more!), my plan was to take the GMAT while I was home and apply to Harvard and some other schools for an MBA. It was a great plan! 🙂

However, plans are not always supposed to work out, so as you probably realized, I never went to Harvard, instead I went to Linköping in Sweden. You might think now that I probably didn’t get in and that’s why I never went, but to my regret, I never even applied. Why? I never ended up taking the GMAT, which is a requirement for the application…

So here comes the crazy part about me. I was able to keep my cool for pretty much all of my hockey games, no matter how important the game was. Of course there were some games like the bronze medal game in Sochi where I was a bit nervous, but generally I was just always really excited to play. However, when it comes to taking exams, I sh*t my pants… I get so nervous and scared, I have sleepless nights before exams and so forth. Throughout my academic career, I was always incredibly happy if I picked a class with no mid-terms or final exams.

So with that being said, I went home to Switzerland and studied for the GMAT, knowing I want to get that done asap. I studied and studied and studied and then went to take the exam and I completely blanked… I don’t think I’ve ever blanked this much in an exam before, it was terrifying. I was looking into the screen on the computer and I couldn’t even read the instructions anymore, everything just went black…

After that experience, I never signed up for a GMAT anymore and with that burried my chance of going back to Boston or the US in general for grad school.  🙁 Aaaand I’ll never know if I would have gotten into Harvard! Damit! 🙂

I think about Boston almost daily in one way or the other, but in the past 5 years I just never had the opportunity to go back, not even for a quick trip. So I was extremely pumped when I was contacted by SWISS about their campaign #TakeMeBack and flying me and my friend to a place to my choice. I obviously did not have to think about the destination very long, I asked them if it’s possible to fly back to Boston! I was literally jumping for joy when they agreed! On the one hand, I was so excited to go back to Boston because I do love the city, on the other hand I wanted to see Northeastern University again, the place that made me become the person I am today. And to top this all off, I got to see Alina Müller that is a freshman at Northeastern now.

Being back in Boston obviously made me regret not taking the GMAT a second time even more, but at the same time, I got to experience so many other things like living in Sweden and learning Swedish and getting my Masters there.

It was wonderful to go back and see how everything has changed and developed. Some districts did not even exist when I was living there and some buildings got teared down and new skyscrapers were built. The city itself is still as beautiful as ever and strolling through the streets of Boston (mostly Newberry and Boylston, the shopping streets), made me feel like home again. 🙂

A huge thank you to SWISS for taking me back to Boston and giving me the opportunity to revisit this place of an unlimited memories!





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