Olympic Experience

The day started pretty much exactly the same than the previous two days with a wake up at 7:10 by the music. I started doing my rehab exercises and a quick core workout in the morning right after wakeup, as I would otherwise get stressed during the day to squeeze it in somewhere and then I would enjoy a quick breakfast before the first lecture of the day.

The first lecture started at 8:30 with Prof. Dr. Mike J. McNamee from GBR. It was indeed a very interesting topic to discuss and yet again, raised a lot of questions from the participants. Right after the lecture, it was time for some Olympians to present their Olympic Experience. More specifically, Audrey Lacroix, who was a swimmer for Canada, Hon Pan Yan who was a fencer for Hong Kong, Eva Hannesdottir who was a swimmer for Iceland and lastly Eran Sela who is a sailor for Israel. Afterwards we met in our discussion groups again where we would continue discuss the interesting topics from the previous lectures.

Before we could eat lunch, we did a library visit where we could see all the bid boxes from pervious Olympic Games (both, accepted and denied) and many more historical books. We will have to use the library at a later point again, so we needed to know.

After lunch was actually when we needed to use the library. We had to write a two page report on the questions that we were discussing in our discussion group and then propose recommendations. We did not have much time but we managed to finish before our next appointment.

We went to look at the archive of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. This is the only archive outside the IOC archive in Lausanne. We were able to see all the plans and books that were created for the bid, as well as the planning, the scheduling and merchandising plan up till the Olympics, that just to name a few. Additionally we got to see the Olympic Medals from 2004 and all their posters and everything, very impressive!

After this visit, we went on to discuss with our discussion group again about the final touch of our report. This was followed by 2 hours of sporting activities, which I unfortunately could not participate in. So instead I just took some time off for myself.

With a very early wakeup call tomorrow, this is everything from today.



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