One more Year at Linköping HC

Back in 2015, I was working at the International Ice Hockey Federation and had another year in my contract with the 1. League with EHC Bülach’s man’s team… Having a fun job and a great team to play for, it seems that everything was going great for me.

Although I loved my job and the team, I felt like something was missing. A passion I follow, besides playing hockey and working, was missing. Travelling!

Ever since I was little, I enjoyed travelling. Be it going somewhere in the car with my family, going on a bustrip, or taking the plane. As soon as I knew I was able to go somewhere, I felt like the happiest girl alive. Throughout my hockey career, I was very fortunate that I got to travel so much. Hockey opened doors to places I would probably never have visited if it wasn’t for hockey. I was looking forward to every single abraod trip we did, with hockey, with my family, or with my friends. I was excited to see new places, new people, new cultures and new languages.

Back in 2015, that was missing. Although I travelled with the national team, it felt like it was not enough for me. I wanted more, I wanted something new.

It was exactly then, that I got contacted by Linköping Hockey Club in Sweden, who at this time was looking for a new goalie. They were looking for a goalie to take over Kim Martin’s (!!!) position who was retiring. I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance, which I would only have this very moment.

It was not only a one in a lifetime chance to take this position but also for me to move to Sweden, travel in Sweden, get to know the culture, the people and its language. Without much hesitation, I took the chance and joined Linköping HC in August 2015 with a one-year contract.

One year became three years!

I enjoyed my time here so much, as I was simultaneously playing hockey, working at RUAG Space in Linköping, travelling the country, learning about the culture and language, that I knew I wanted to have/do this for more than just a year.

I applied to a Master Degree Program in Business Administration here in Linköping, to which I got accepted and the rest is history. I just signed my 3rd one year contract with Linköping HC!

I am super excited to see what next season will bring, but as for now, my summer is packed with travelling plans, rehab and preparation for Pyeongchang!



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