Opening Ceremony

The day of the opening ceremony is finally here, and this is almost the most exciting day of the entire Olympics! To be able to walk into the stadium representing your country among the best of the best athletes in the world is just indescribable!

The day started off late so I took this opportunity to catch up on some sleep and slept until 10am. A quick breakfast and then we were off to the rink for the Olympic team picture and training. The team picture and all the other pictures are so important to all of us, these are our memories with our teammates. Taking pictures takes quite some time, but unfortunately we were only given 10 minutes and then practice started. Previously, we would have at least 30 minutes so you could get pictures with almost all teammates, but not this time. I will share the few pictures I took along the Olympics with you!


After practice, we had a quick cool down before heading back to the village for a late lunch. Right after lunch, we had the Olympic rookie initiation with 9 new players. Due to limited time, this was a quick one where the rookies had to wear part of the equipment (chest protector, gloves, or helmet) and go around the village and trade stuff with other athletes. The team that traded the most won. They had 30 minutes for that.

After this was over, we finally had 1 hour to just relax and get ready for the opening ceremony. At 5:50pm all the Swiss athletes in our village met outside our house and would walk to the bus that would bring us to the opening ceremony venue and the rest of the Swiss delegation.

Once at the venue, we were meeting up with the rest of the Swiss delegation and all the other athletes from all over the world as well. We were waiting for quite some time in a heated tent. That left lots of time to walk around, take pictures and meet up with other athletes. It was great and I took some pictures with some pretty amazing athletes (pictures to be posted at a later time). Once it was our time to walk, we all got into the lines and we prepared right behind Sweden.

This time, I decided not to take my phone out while walking, instead just socking it all in and enjoying the moment through my own eyes and not through the camera. It was awesome! Such a special time!

As we have our first game tomorrow, we had an early departure, which meant that we would leave the venue right after we walked and drive back to the village. Once back at the village, we all went for a quick snack at the dining hall before going back to our house.

It was another unforgettable experience to be walking in the opening ceremony representing Switzerland. With an incredible amount of emotions, I am headed to bed now and all focus is on gameday tomorrow against Korea!

Hopp Schwiiz!




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  1. Hi Florence
    Da laufts eim ja iischalt dä Rugge durab, wänn mer sich all diä Emotionä vorstell und sich probiert dri z’versetzä. Super post, wiä immer😉😍
    Viel Glück und gnüsses im CH-Dress🇨🇭♥️
    Hopp Schwiiz🇨🇭🥅🏒

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