Florence Schelling


Welcome to the Girls’ Hockey Day Switzerland! The Girls’ Hockey Day is for all girls aged 4 – 12 years who are interested in playing ice hockey, whether they have played for years or they have never played before. During the Girls’ Hockey Day, we will share what the best hockey players in the world are doing and teach the girls how they can become better. It’s an incredibly fun day enjoying… Read More

If you’re an athlete and you’re not born in the USA (or simply North America), then this is for you! Athletes are among the most disciplined and goal-oriented people in the world. It does not matter whether they are hockey, tennis, squash, golf players or marathon runners, triathletes, swimmers, climbers and so on, they all have multiple commonalities. They all dedicate their lives to overcome different obstacles and numerous challenges, all for… Read More

I became a coach a lot quicker than I would ever have anticipated. I’m loving it though, and I am very dedicated to learning quickly and a lot so that I can teach the right way! I’ve participated in a couple of coaching courses this summer and will continue to do so until November to obtain my coaching certificate in hockey. The goal is to have the “Performance Coach Certificate” by the… Read More

Behind the Mask is the name of my homepage, however for over a year now I’ve had the name “Behind the Mask” in my head for the name of the book I’m going to write. I have a 25-year long career in ice hockey, started at age 4, playing with the boys, then moving to the USA, a pitstop in Canada before returning back home to play men’s hockey when an incredible… Read More

Everybody needs somebody to help encourage them. In order to reach my highest potential in my athletic, academic and business career, I had to build a support system that I could rely on. Having loving and caring friends and family that supported and pushed me always helped me, but what touched me the most was when I was inspired to think bigger and more outside of the box by somebody outside my… Read More

Thank you all for your patience and I loved all the guesses that I have received from you. I wish that some of them would be or some day become true! In “The Blessing of my Spine Injury” I wrote about how my mind suddenly switched from focusing on the past to looking toward a clear future. Ideas and thoughts that I had for many years but never really had the time… Read More

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