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Thank you all for your patience and I loved all the guesses that I have received from you. I wish that some of them would be or some day become true!

In “The Blessing of my Spine Injury” I wrote about how my mind suddenly switched from focusing on the past to looking toward a clear future. Ideas and thoughts that I had for many years but never really had the time to think them through, let alone write them down, are now very clear and on paper. I’m extremely happy to share those ideas and thoughts that I’ve had and am very much looking forward to your reactions, comments, feedback and suggestions!

In every picture I posted wearing a red sweater, the objects I had were hints to one of seven amazing empowerment projects I am focusing on from which you can benefit. All of the 7 projects are in some way or another interlinked.

For my first announcement, I want to tell you about “Back to Play.” Stay tuned over the next 6 days or the rest of the projects!

SOCHI, RUSSIA – FEBRUARY 20: Switzerland’s Florence Schelling #41 celebrates after a third period goal during women’s bronze medal action against Sweden at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/HHOF-IIHF Images)

It’s been a bit over a year since I suited up for the last time and one thing I can now say that I  miss really bad is being in the physical shape that I was when I was playing.

Project “Back to Play” is a project that I’m starting with my conditioning coach Andrea Zryd as soon as I’m a 100% cleared from the doctors. I will get back into the shape that I need to be in in order to play at the Olympic Games and World Championships… not for a comeback from my retirement, but to set an example of a strong and healthy body for all the players I coach.

A couple of times during my playing years I had a coach tell me that I need to lift heavier, have quicker feet or lose weight. But when I looked at the physical appearance of the overweight and out of shape coach I thought “Who are you to tell me that?” Sound familiar? Have you had a coach like this? Well, I don’t ever want to be that coach!

For 12 years I’ve been the starting goaltender for the Swiss National Team, played in 4 Olympic Games, 11 World Championships, medaled once at the Olympics, once at Worlds, been named the Olympic MVP, Best Goaltender, All-Star Team and much more. I know what it takes to be in shape!

There are three components to this project. First, I am going to be working hard to get back into the shape I was in when I was playing. Second, Andrea and I are going to create an online summer training (agility, conditioning, weights, speed, mobility, etc) plan for hockey players that want to get ready for the new season in August / September. And third, we will offer winter off-ice training that will be adjusted to your game schedule and peak points of your season.

In all of the above, I want to challenge you (whether you are a hockey player, an athlete or just want to workout with Andrea and I) to get better every single day. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth having is easy. I want to encourage you to push past being uncomfortable and become a better version of yourself day in and day out.

Throughout this program you will be able to measure your results against mine!

I dare you to beat me… do you accept the challenge?





About Andrea Zryd

Andrea has been my personal conditioning coach since 2012. She is a Swiss Olympic certified coach, physical education teacher and a sports scientist from the Magglingen college.

Not only is Andrea my conditioning coach but she is also one of the trainers for the military training school in Switzerland for elite athletes and coaching athletes like Damien Brunner.

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  1. Hey Flo
    Finds Mega cool! Würd dich gern challenge aber glaub nid dass ich de biss han wo du hesch!!
    Love you babe and will support you always!

  2. Hallo Flo
    Ich wär natürli gärn däbii!! 👌💪👍
    Die Tränings müesstet halt eifach im Ruum Züri si… 😊

    • Sehr cool Michi! D’Trainings werdet online sii, damit sie dete kasch mache wos dir am beste passt! 🙂

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