Coach Schelling

I became a coach a lot quicker than I would ever have anticipated. I’m loving it though, and I am very dedicated to learning quickly and a lot so that I can teach the right way!

I’ve participated in a couple of coaching courses this summer and will continue to do so until November to obtain my coaching certificate in hockey. The goal is to have the “Performance Coach Certificate” by the end of November, the ultimate goal is to get the “Talent Trainer” Certificate, however for that I need 400+ coaching hours.

Summer Hockey Camps

To get these 400+ coaching hours, I am now coaching in a team and several different summer hockey camps. In a bit over a week, I’ll be traveling to Slovakia to coach at the IIHF Goalie Camp before coaching at 6 different Ochsner Academy Camps in Switzerland and a College Hockey Showcase Camp in Canada. It’s going to be a big challenge for me to coach, but I am looking forward to it and especially to see where my limitations are with my neck.

Club Team

The team that I will be coaching this year is the SCRJ Lady Lakers in the Swiss Women’s Hockey League B. The team just promoted from the C to the B league this year. Therefore, will face many challenges that come along when getting promoted. The squad is made up of an incredible age gap with players ranging from 13 – 48 (!) of age. So, besides the challenges that we will face from being the promoted team, it is a challenge to train players at such a different age and skill level. The younger ones still have their entire career ahead of them and need to be encouraged, while the older ones are in for the fun.

I strongly believe that this is the right team to kick off my coaching career and to continuously learn while being able to teach a lot at the same time. It is not an easy task and that’s what I love about it the most!

Proud to be a Lady Laker! Go Lakers!