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A month ago I have received the new Acer Swift 5 laptop in the mail and I have been testing this product ever since with the work that I can currently do. I have used this laptop for a couple of different things such as on- and off-ice hockey training preparation and daily reflections that I started to write after my accident. I am no IT / Tech person, but I use my laptop almost daily for basic things. So here’s my review of this laptop:

When I picked up the package from the mail I thought they forgot to ship the laptop with it. I knew this laptop was going to be light, however I was quite surprised once I unpacked the box to find the Acer Swift 5 in there. It weighs only 970g, it’s sooo light! The weight has been a big plus for me since I’ve been travelling to Slovakia, Canada and lots within Switzerland. Additional to the weight, the size of the product was another big plus, it fit perfectly into my backpack without any struggle and the screen size was just about what I needed for comfortable working, not too big and not too small. I’ve gotten used to screens being touchscreen, so when I used this laptop the first time, I didn’t even think that it could not have a touch screen. So far, this laptop definitely exceeded my expectation. And you know what? It looks good, I love the dark blue color of the laptop with the touch of bronze in the Acer logo!

The keyboard is quite pleasant, typing in a 10-finger system is very smooth and I have a feeling that I’m able to type faster than with other laptops. Also, when typing in the dark, the keyboard illuminates, which supports any late-night work. Right next to the keyboard there’s a fingerprint sensor that has been working extremely well when I have used it, also very useful for me since I keep forgetting all my different passwords! 😊

Especially when I was travelling and having limited access to outlets the Acer Swift 5 did not let me down once. Its battery life lasts up to 8 hours! It never gave me the feeling of “I can’t do that unless I have an outlet nearby because otherwise I’ll run out of battery.” Especially when travelling and having all needed documents on your laptop, it is a very relaxing to know that you don’t have to worry about the laptop battery.

Since everything’s been positive about this laptop so far, there are three unfavorable things I noticed. First one being that there is an incredible reflection on the screen. I caught myself a couple of times moving my laptop into a different light, so I wouldn’t see my reflection in the screen or the reflection of the surroundings I was in. Further, the ventilation of the Acer Swift 5 is very loud. I might currently be hypersensitive to noise due to my concussion, however especially when watching movies or listening to music, the ventilation noise is bothersome to me. Lastly, this laptop has no tablet function, which I have gotten very used to with my previous laptops. Morning rituals like reading the newspaper with the tablet function of my laptop have become habit. Or writing notes on the tablet with a compatible pen have simplified my work immensely. Switching to a laptop that does not have this feature that you have gotten used to previously, is quite the change again.

Overall, the Acer Swift 5 has been a great laptop for the work I needed it for and especially for travelling. I love the weight, the size and the color of it! Also when working on it, it has been very pleasant and easy. Although there are some downsides to this laptop, overall I think it’s a great laptop and I really enjoyed working with it!

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