San Francisco by Bike

Another day of sightseeing in San Francisco was on the schedule for today! 

We left Los Altos Hills at 9am and were headed to Lombard St again, we wanted to see it again in daylight after we saw it at night on Wednesday! It was so pretty, we enjoyed it a lot! 

After Lombard St we made our way down to the bay bridge where we would park the car and rent bikes. We then took the bikes on the ferry to Sausolito. It was a such a beautiful sight of the bay bridge and San Francisco skyline from the boat, it was so worth it. 

Once we arrived in Sausolito, we went to eat lunch before we biked to the Golden Gate Bridge. The bike ride up to the bridge from the restaurant was slightly challenging but we had a lot of fun! Once we got to the bridge, we took it very easy and stopped once in a while to take the full experience and sight in. It will be one of those unforgettable experiences in my travel diary! 

After the Golden Gate bridge, we made our way back to Embarcadero. On the way we stopped now and then again for pictures. We also made a quick stop at the Palace of Fine Arts and some of the piers. 

Once back at the port of San Francisco, we returned the bikes and took our car to drive to the tile steps for to catch the sunset. Let me tell you, it was stunning!!! 

As it got dark, we made our way to Mission District where we had mexican dinner. Dinner was fantastic, so delicious! We were already thinking about going back there asap! 

Last stop before driving home was Ghiradelli Square were we went for an ice cream dessert. That again, was yummy but turned out to be way too much! 🙂 

It was a great day, we saw everything we wanted to see and had so much fun! Today was the last time in San Francisco until June, and I’m already sooo excited to come back! 


Xo Florence

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