San Francisco

When efficiency pays off and you get to spend a full day in San Francisco doing some sightseeing with your project group! Winning! 🙂 

Before we made our way to San Francisco, we wanted to have a look at the Tesla HQ which was very close to where we live. But funny enough we got asked to leave the premises before even getting to the parking lot! 🙂 

So next stop was Baker Beach with an amazing view on the Golden Gate bridge. We spent quite some time walking up and down the beach and taking in the view. I took my shoes off so I could dip my feet a bit in the water! 

We then drove to Peer 36 where we just walked around and then enjoyed a delicious lunch at Bubba Gump restaurant. Yummy!! What a treat! 

Moving on, we wanted to walk to Lombard St, but then passed the cable car and got stuck there and went on a one way ride! The ride was done at Union Square, so we went to check this out. They had a huge Christmas tree up and a little icerink, which was tempting for me to go on! 🙂 Time was running though and we made our way back to the car through China Town and some other sights! 

Once back at the car, it was unfortunately dark already and our original plan of driving the Lombard St was then done in the dark. It was fun, driving up and down the steep streets of San Francisco! 

The clock was already around 6pm and we decided to head back home with a couple of stops on the way! First stop, the Pained Ladies but unfortunately, too dark again to get the full experience. So then we stopped at TJ Maxx and Walmart for some shopping before getting back to Los Altos Hills. 

It was a great day, we had so much fun, and it was nice to finally see the Golden Gate Bridge and all the further sights! Our next off day is Sunday, where we will go to San Francisco again for more sightseeing! 

Stay tuned! 



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