Some Fun in Spain

Greetings from Spain everyone!

As you might have seen it on my social media channels, I am out travelling again. This time I went to Málaga in Spain with my friend Zuzana.

I met Zuzana last year at the IIHF High Performance Camp in Vierumäki in Finland and we became instant best friends. Although we have only met last year, we’ve known each other for a very long time. As it turns out, Zuzana used to be the goalie of the Slavakian national team and we have played against each other many times at World Championships or even at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. I always enjoyed playing against her, so I guess it came as no surprise that when we actually met, that we hit it off right away.

Once we met, we figured out that we have so much in common like the fact that we played our first collegiate game against each other, the same playing style, same career path and so forth.

So this year, the reason why we are in Spain is that we got asked by the IIHF to be goalie mentors at the first IIHF Goalie Development Camp in Granada in Spain. Since we haven’t seen each other since last year, we decided to take this opportunity and travel to Spain a couple days before to catch up and enjoy the beach.

We spent 4 wonderful days in Málaga, lots of beach time and tanning but also lots of delicious seafood and all. Although we ended up being sad that we were only there for 4 days, we are now really looking forward to the IIHF Goalie Development Camp and our roles that we are going to take on.

Stay tuned for more!



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  1. You two are perfect for the role of mentoring young goalies. Not just because of your outstanding technical skills, but your positive attitudes. I was at the Team Canada – Slovakia game at the 2010 Olympics, a game won 17-0 by Canada. In spite of giving up a lot of goals (I believe Canada had close to 70 shots), Zuzana was still upbeat. Very inspirational.

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