Spontaneous Trip to Tallinn

Spontaneous trips are the best trips; that was yet again true of my trip to Tallinn, Estonia!

Originally the plan was to go to Sweden and then to Finland for the Women’s World Championship and Coaching Symposium in Helsinki where I would then stay a couple more days for some sightseeing. When I met up with some friends the first night I got to Helsinki, they were laughing at my plans of a couple of days of sightseeing in Helsinki and suggested that I would go further than Helsinki. Who knew that Tallinn was so close to Helsinki? Two hours with the ferry boat at a cost of 8 Euros one way! It was a done deal for me! And the best part, I have friends that I haven’t seen in many years that are living in Tallinn that I could see again!

I did not prepare myself on what to expect in Tallinn, I honestly have never thought of Estonia all that much since it was never really on my radar. It completely exceeded my expectations of what I thought Tallinn would look like! The old town with its medieval architecture is so stunning, every time I took a turn somewhere I was amazed again. Estonia has so much history and it really shows!

Here’s a list of things that I did while there that I would absolutely suggest:

  • Old Town
    • Maiasmokk Café (oldest café in Tallinn)
    • Freedom Square (Tallinn Sign on Top)
    • Parliament House
    • Stable Tower and Town Wall Walkway
  • Hipster District
    • Balti Jaama Turg
    • Telliskivi
  • Kalamaja District
    • Colorful wooden houses
  • Harbor and Navel Museum
  • Tallinn Song Festival Arch
  • Memorial Park (that is a must see!)
  • Pirita District
    • Monastery
    • Beach
    • Breakwater

Obviously there is a lot more to see, but unfortunately my time was limited! My local friends however made sure I did see the most important sights in that short time though, so if you find yourself with limited time this is definitely a good option!

I’m so happy I made this spontaneous trip and got to learn about and see a new country!



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