Summer 2017: The Novel

Every summer has it’s own story but mine is a novel, or well at least worth a blog post. 🙂

The summer of 2017 has been a very special summer for me. Not only because of all the travelling I have done but also because of all the new people I have met along the way while travelling. Although the start of my summer was not as planned with a knee surgery, it turned out to be the best summer I have ever had.

After my first year at university in Linköping ended mid June, I travelled home to Switzerd where I stayed with my family for one week. During that week, I met up with most of my friends from Zurich to catch up. It’s great to still have so many really good friends at home, although I’ve been living abroad for such a long time now (I think it’s been 8 years now). Not only did I meet up with all my friends, but I did a lot of physiotherapy and all that for my knee.

After this week in Switzerland, I packed a suitcase and lots of chocolate and got on a plane to Athens where I would meet up with approxiamtely 150 people from all over the world at the International Olympic Academy. This was without a doubt 2 weeks I will never ever forget anymore. I wrote a blog post every single day for the two weeks I was in Greece, so feel free to look these up and find out what I did there! It was an amazing time and the most amazing part was all the people I got to meet and got to know there. Friendships for life developed there in these two weeks.

These two weeks went over so fast, it was disappointing, but I got to spend another week in Switzerland again, which I always look forward to. Here again, I met up with friends and did lots of rehab and therapy for my knee. Then my next trip to Spain came around the corner.

First I was in Malaga, Spain for a couple of days with my friend Zuzana. We had an incredible time there and we also met up with Kris (a friend of ours from Canada) and his entire family for beach days and dinner and so forth. It was great to catch up with people I don’t get to see a lot at all throughout the hockey season or even the year. From Malaga, Zuzana and me went on to Granada for the first ever IIHF Goalie Development Camp. In that camp we were Goalie mentors, which was a challenging experience but yet again, was amazing. This too, you can read more about in my previous blog posts.

Straight from Spain, I took the plane to Zagreb, Croatia where I would spend another unforgettable time. My best friend from Sweden had her bachelorette party as well as her wedding there. It was great to meet her family and all her friends and being part of a croatian wedding! I wrote a blog post about this experience as well. At this point in time, my knee rehab was getting better and better, so I was able to start train a bit more intensively while being in Croatia, which was another great milestone for me.

After the 10 days in Croatia, I went back to Switzerland, but this time to Davos. Since my knee started feeling better and the trainings I did the previous week were going well, I decided to increase the pace again. I went to bike in the Swiss mountains a couple of time in order to do some conditioning training as well as get some strenght back in my legs. It was another great couple of days there.

My last trip this summer was to France. My two best friends from college in Boston and I were going to France for a week. Although the weather was the worst it could have possibly been, we had a great time. As France is known for their markets and the fresh food, we did exactly that. We went to a couple of markets, bought fresh cheese, meat and so forth and spoilt ourselves with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The last week before returning to Sweden was spent in Zurich again. I met up with friends again, did rehab and my training on a daily basis, met up with my new conditioning coach and had a photoshooting for Ochsner Sport. It seemed to have been the shortest week of all, just because I was so busy from morning till late evening every single day.

Now I am back in Linköping, Sweden. My 2nd year of my Master at Linköping University has started yesterday. Additionally did I go on the ice to do some skating the past two days. Although I am not wearing any equipment yet, it seemed to be going quite well. Hopefully I will be able to continue with my rehab like that, so that I will not miss the beginning of the season which is in September.

So this is pretty much what I have been up to all of this summer, it was a busy summer, with lots of travelling and I loved every single second of it! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what summer 2018 has to bring but first, the most important hockey season of all! 🙂

Thank you to everyone that made my summer so special!




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