Sweden – The «lagom» Land

3 years I spent in “lagom” land Sweden and since moving back home last summer, this was my first trip back to Linköping. I was excited to see how I would feel to be back here.

Last November I went back to Boston (read my article here), and that was a very emotional trip, so many incredible memories from my time there. So I was kind of expecting something similar here in Sweden… Haha

Well, let me put it that way, I don’t think that Sweden (or maybe just Linköping?) is my cup of tea. 🙂 I stayed with my best friend and her husband that are originally from Croatia. It was so good to see them again, last time was almost a year ago before I went on my USA road trip. I also met up with a bunch of people from Linköping University, language school, old co-workers and my Swedish family. It felt great to see all of them again and catch up and remising about old times! However, when walking in the streets of Linköping, it seemed boring. It did not excite me at all to be here. The streets are empty, there’s nothing going on, besides the river, the scenery is not particularly nice, it’s just “lagom”.


Not too lite, not too much. Just right. – Swedish

For me though, “lagom” is not all that exciting and fulfilling. I always want a fun experience, enjoy a beautiful landscape and have fun walking the streets of a city. Although I met incredible people here during my 3 years that I will hopefully stay in touch and see in the future, I am now definitely putting Sweden behind me and can say “been there – done that”.

Off to Helsinki now for Women’s Worlds and the IIHF Coaching Symposium. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Swiss team play, expanding my horizon and then of course also exploring Helsinki and meeting more of my friends there! 😊

Xo Florence

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