Switzerland – Korea: Time Change

Hi everyone,

We’re leaving for Korea on Thursday, February 1st, 2018. The time change from Switzerland to Korea is + 8 hours. Since I would consider myself very well-travelled, I know myself and my body quite good and a time change of +8 hours is no piece of cake for me.

I knew I had to tackle this issue quite early and start adapting to the new time zone day by day before getting to Korea. Therefore, I set up a plan where every 2nd day, I would get up 1 hour earlier. The goal would be to be 1 hour off by the time of departure on Thursday.

On a regular day, I would generally try and get up around 7am. So that meant to start on January 22nd with the adaption and this is the schedule:

January 22nd à Wakeup 6am

January 23rd à Wakeup 6am

January 24th à Wakeup 5am

January 25th à Wakeup 5am

January 26th à Wakeup 4am

January 27th à Wakeup 4am

January 28th à Wakeup 3am

January 29th à Wakeup 3am

January 30th à Wakeup 2am

January 30th à Wakeup 2am

January 31st à Wakeup 1am

February 1st à Wakeup 1am

Bed times are a bit different, I would still like to get my 9 hours of sleep, but that’s impossible right now. Most of the previous week, I went to bed at 8pm and would try to sleep. The past two days I went to bed at 7pm and hopefully by Wednesday I can go to bed at 5/6pm.

Crazy, I know! The best part of this though is that I actually enjoy getting up this early. During those early morning hours I’m the most productive for university work and getting things done, as I have no other distractions. Yet I get to spend the full day in daylight and doing my regular chores such as training and university meetings. 😊



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