The Challenge

Today we met our Stanford group for the first time and had the official kick-off for the ME310 at Stanford University d-school. 

Our challenge that was given to us a bit over a week ago was a to invent a product or a solution for rescues in difficult to reach terrain! 

We started with interviewing pilots, police, firefighters and victims of earthquakes and so forth. Through that we were able to identify needs. Further we did some benchmarking on what’s already out there and so on. 

The last step was to create a persona. So as of right now, our persona is Patrick, a rescuer! More to follow! 🙂 

Also we had a Pecha kucha presentation to all the ME310ers, where we had to present ourselves through 6 slides where we had 10 sec for each slide. It was a fun experience! 🙂

Up next is Paper Bike Challenge, so stay tuned! 



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