The LEG Hangover Cure

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Yesterday I wrote about how I balance university and international game and I wrote about the 9 hours of sleep I get every night in order to feel rested and good for my practices and games. Obviously, I don’t always get those 9 hours and sometimes the physical exhaustion is too high to feel good again the next day. So here’s another secret (no advertising!).

4 years ago, in Sochi, I was out and about to explore the Olympic Village and everything it had to offer. I ended up going to the Polyclinic to make an appointment for the dentist (yes they have dentists in the Village 😊). On the way there, I passed the Bauerfeind (a German manufacturer of medical aids such as bandages, ortheses, compression and orthopedic insoles) office and figured I would go there after making the dentist appointment.

I went to the Bauerfeind office with the goal of checking whether I still need orthopedic insoles (I used to wear some but never really liked it). Approximately an hour later I walked out of this office again with new insoles and compression tights and stocks.

Now this is the little secret. I’ve tried compression pants and socks before, but literally either did not like it or did not feel any difference in my body. So why wear it? I figured I would give these tights (instead of pants/leggings) and socks a chance. Let me tell you, it was so worth it!

Ever since Sochi, I’ve been wearing these tights on every gameday, from morning until the game and after the game again. I wear them when I travel, when I fly, when I drive long distances. Every time I take them off, my legs feel incredible, so fresh and ready to go!

Moreover, when I injured my knee in 2016, the first thing that I got once I was at my doctors was the full leg Bauerfeind compression socks that I was wearing every day from that day until December. I would wear these socks once I got up in the morning, through training, until I went to bed at night. These socks helped me reducing the swelling in my knee and leg as well as recover quicker.

Once I was able to bend my knee enough, I would put on the tights again as they are so comfortable on top of their utility. Now you can imagine that these tights have been very used since I wore them so much since Sochi. So, I actually wanted to get a new pair online but couldn’t find them. I was really sad but then figured I would contact the Bauerfeind company in Switzerland and inquire about these tights.

I was lucky, very lucky indeed! Not only was I able to get a new pair, but they gave them to me for free! So now, a bit over a year later, I’m still loving my compression tights, wearing them on every gameday and beyond.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing them every day while in Pyeongchang (don’t worry, I’ll hand wash them in the evening!) so that I’ll have that feeling of fresh and ready to go legs throughout the Olympics!





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