The Secret behind #41

Hey everyone,

A lot of people over the years have asked me why I wear number 41 as my jersey number and I was always reluctant to tell them why. I felt embarrassed to tell people, but now I realized that it’s perfectly fine… 😊 So here you go!

Back in November 2004, I was part of the Swiss National Team travelling to Beijing, China for the Olympic Qualification Tournament for the Torino Olympic Games in 2006. On November 14th, 2004 we played an all or nothing game against China. The winner of this game would qualify for the 2006 Olympic Games.

The game was very tight and was only decided in the last 6 seconds (!!!) of the game when Claudia Riechsteiner scored the game winner (3-2) against China! With that, the Swiss Women’s Ice Hockey Team qualified for the first time in history for the Olympic Games!

Since that day, I created a countdown for myself, I wanted to be part of the Swiss Team that is travelling to Torino, Italy in 2006. The countdown started at 453 days!

So, long story short. 41 days before the opening ceremony I was selected to be one of the two goalies on the Swiss Team. I remember this day like it was yesterday… December 31st, 2005, we sat on the bus driving home from a tournament and I was asked to go talk with the coach and that’s when I was told that I made the team.

At this point I realized that my dream will become reality and with only 16 years old, I will be going to the Olympic Games. What a day!

Ever since that day, number 41 has been my jersey number and a good reminder of how fortunate I am to be able to represent Switzerland on the international stage! 😊




10 Comments on “The Secret behind #41

  1. Good stuff! Always interesting to read how top level athletes wear the numbers that they do. Nothing to be embarrassed about at all with how you ended choosing it. Keep up the hard work and good luck next game!!!

  2. Was very eager to know about the stuff behind thus secret. I am also a goaltender and you ‘ve been inspiring me day by day with your game. Loved your game. Good going on pyeongchang ❤️❤️

  3. Fantastic and very creative! No doubt a beautiful history like this turn a jersey number into more than a simple number. (From Brazil)

  4. So cool you had a measurable goal! Actually intelligent & meaningful. So what you are saying is #412 was not an option. (Number of days you measured before your dream became reality) Important share for those who seek inspiration on their journey. Well done.

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