Travel Day to Seoul

Hi everyone

Finally, the departure day to go to fly to South Korea was finally here. We only lifted in the evening, so I was able to spend an almost full day doing my regular stuff.

Thursday started off with an off-ice training, followed by physical therapy before heading home for a last lunch at home. The afternoon, I spend packing my bags and to handle some last-minute errands. At 4pm, my parents drove me to Kloten where I would meet rest of the team. Once in Kloten, we received some last equipment things to pack in our bags as well as some more information before we headed for the check-in at the airport.

At the airport, we met up with a couple of other Swiss athletes that are headed to Seoul as well, such as the snowboarders and biathletes for example. It was a great relieve once the hockey bag and suitcase were checked and all we had left was the backpack.

Between the check-in and boarding we had quite some time to hang out. It was great catching up with all the girls and seeing them again. That time got even extended, as our flight was delayed quite a bit as well. By the time we were boarding, it was 8pm (which was original departure time). I was drained at this time, since I had already made the switch to the Korean time zone, so I was happy when I finally sat down at my window seat and fell asleep right away.

The flight was, well, great! I slept through the flight, it was great and seemed very short. Once we landed in Seoul, we passed customs picked up our bags again and were headed to the hotel for a quick snack before heading to the rink for our first practice.

Due to our delay, our schedule was quite stressful once we landed. Time to unpack and settle in was very limited at the rink, it was just a quick warm up and then we already stood on the ice.

After practice, we went back to the hotel, had dinner and now we’re off to bed…

First day is over, so many more to come!

Stay tuned!



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  1. Hallo Florence, wir “kennen” uns vom Spengler-Cup. Du musst immer zum Preis eines HCD-Biberlis für uns aufstehen. Ich möchte Dir auf diesem Weg viel Spass, unvergessliche Momente, verletzungsfreie Spiele und vorallem (wieder) eine Olympiamedaille wünschen. Ich werde Dir die Daumen drücken, und hoffe, dass ich Dich am nächsten Spengler-Cup (mit Medaille) wieder sehe. Mit freundlichen Grüssen, Beat Wüthrich

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